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Recent content by coderev

Grow your social media audience with FPTraffic
  1. C

    Official TheOptimizer Mobile - Pop/Redirect/Push Campaigns on Auto-Pilot

    Looking to try it out. Are there any set of rules for optimization that can be shared?
  2. C

    Which Tracker do you think is best?

    Excellent thread and great posts by all. Also helped me re-evaluate my tracking solution. Would be nice to see more automation built in and included, by all which would be a great time and money saver.
  3. C

    🔥 Mega post of Anstrex Landing pages 🔥

    Thank you so much for providing these landers. They will provide many with new ideas and to make improvements. Thanks again :)
  4. C

    Happy 2nd Birthday, affLIFT!

    This one of them
  5. C

    Hello from Australia

    Jimmy, That link is gold! Many thanks for that.
  6. C

    Hello from Australia

    Thank you.
  7. C

    Hello from Australia

    Hey Jimmy, The Roo - Love it. Fantastic!!!! I am not far. I am from Melbourne. Lockdown finally over :cool:
  8. C

    Hello from Australia

    Hey Nick, Thank you. Signed up to your blog. Always look forward to learning something new.
  9. C

    Hello from Australia

    Hey Servando, been reading your blog for a while. Always great information. Adult traffic always interested me due to the volume, along with native and display.
  10. C

    Hello from Australia

    I have been doing internet marketing for a while with some good experience. Always looking to learn new things and also give back where I can. Hoping to connect with like minded people. All the best!