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    Eager to do Affiliate Marketing

    Hey Arthur, you are definitely in the right place! Welcome!
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    Hey Steve, welcome to afflift!
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    Hello, my name is Sam

    Hey Sam, welcome to the forum!
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    AGEA is happy to be here

    Hi Jovana, welcome!
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    Newbie in cpa

    Hey Abdo, welcome to afflift!
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    Hello I am William from USA

    Hey William - welcome to the forum!
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    Thanks Corey

    Awesome to hear! Glad you mentioned that it doesn't mean automatic approval.. people need to see this as a great opportunity to appreciate, but not abuse hopefully
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    Hello I am from India

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hello From Canada

    Burlington, you're not far from me
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    Hello From Canada

    Welcome! Always great to see another Canadian!
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    Hey Adrian, welcome to the forum!
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    Hello from Turkey

    Welcome to the forum!
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    Hey Prathamesh, welcome to afflift!
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    Do you work while on vacation?

    I hear ya. It’s tough being without one but the good thing about phones these days is you can do so much more than years ago.
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    Do you work while on vacation?

    That’s pretty much what I normally try to do unless it’s an longer vacation taking longer
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    Do you work while on vacation?

    I know some that state vacation is sacred and won’t even think of work. I also know others that will work through. I am in the middle. I try not to do much but will always do a little. I brought this up as I am on a small getaway now and this is the first time I’ve spent the night away from...
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    Hello my friends

    Hey Mohamed, welcome to afflift!
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    Guide $30 000 Profit on Dating Offers with PropellerAds Push Notifications - Spypush team CaseStudy+Tutorial

    Very cool and detailed. Thanks! Did you ever try or at least consider expanding to other push traffic providers??
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    Goals for 2019

    Lol. I don’t know if I should laugh or be scared. How often does Everyone review/reevaluate their goals? For me - Obvious there are smaller checkpoints weekly, biweekly, etc but I typically try to look at them monthly and quarterly. Often they need to be tweaked and changed.
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    What browser do you use?

    Just curious. I mostly use chrome but have the others installed to test sites.
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    Hello from Singapore

    Welcome aboard Chard!
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    Hello from Croatia

    Hey Ivan, welcome to the forum!
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    Hello World!

    Hi Jairene, Welcome to afflift
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    Hello everyone

    Welcome back to affiliate marketing and welcome to the forum
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    Hi guys

    Hey Elod, welcome to afflift!
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    Great to meet you all!

    Hey Adam, welcome to the forum!
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    affLIFT Reviews and Articles

    Thanks Luke!
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    Welcome to afflift!!
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    Alex intro

    Hey Alex, welcome to the forum!
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    Happy to be here – my story

    Hey Logan, welcome to the forum!
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    Goals for 2019

    Ok, I've had to think hard on some of these.. here are some of my goals.. I have some of my plan ironed out, I still need to work on it more though. I still have some gaps to fill in, but here's what I am so far. affLIFT - I want to help contribute more to the community, I want to help...
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    Cannot View PF Offer with VPN

    Working for me on a windows PC.
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    Hey Gary, welcome to the forum!!!
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    Hey Steliyan, welcome to the forum!
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    Getting Paid in USD When You're NOT from the US

    Interesting. I’m from Canada and have never had this problem. Good to know though.
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    Google Analytics Daily Report Emails

    Thanks for reminding me of this. A few years ago I had this setup for a few sites that I no longer have and totally forgot about this. I’ll be setting this up again now for my current sites
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    Hello from the UK

    Hey Nathalie. Welcome to the forum!
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    Thank You Message: My First Milestone Achieved! 77 conversions today!

    Nice work! Sounds like things are looking up!
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    Hello all AffLifters!

    Hi Kamelia, welcome to the forum!!
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    Introduce Yourself to the Community

    IMO this is one of the most important parts of this community, I find typically the more people network and talk to each other, the more successful they are. Hopefully everyone reads and does this :)
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    Hello from South Texas!

    Hey Noe, welcome to the site!
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    Hello everyone!

    Hey Federico, welcome to the forum!
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    Hello :)

    Welcome to the forum!!
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    Top Threads and Members - December 2018

    There is! And honestly, there will always be, I learn stuff every day.
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    Newbie Internet Marketer

    Hi Prasad, welcome to the forum!
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    What Is Affiliate Marketing?

    I think a basic “what is push notifications” might be a good one to attract people and to help people
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    First campaign with Propeller got 8 conversion in view hours

    Those are some great results!! Keep it up!!
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    Finally, My First Conversion!

    Awesome work! Congrats on your first conversion! Let's keep going and make many more!
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    Top Threads and Members - December 2018

    Awesome! It still amazes me how fast this forum is growing!