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Recent content by cesario

  1. cesario

    New Contest for November - 1 week - $50 (FREE) - Winner Gets $100

    Interested if still avalible
  2. cesario

    Follow Along All The Details From My 1st Bing Ads + PeerFly + SearchWrench Campaign

    Is there any update on when you think the SSL and custom domains will be done?
  3. cesario

    SearchWrench Beta - Free 1000 Click Account!

    Do you know when SearchWrench will officially launch yet so I don't have to use ".wrenched.me" at the end of domains and worry about losing ad spend?
  4. cesario

    Guide Using an iFrame with Affiliate Offers

    Change the part that says "The Page Title", to my affiliate link?
  5. cesario

    Looking for Four (4) BETA Users (Bing Ads Tool)

    Im very interested to test/buy this tool as soon as possible. Im already running Bing Ads and know what I'm doing.☺
  6. cesario

    Testing Bing Ads with iFrame and Direct Link

    Do you know when the Bing Ads tool will be available to purchase?
  7. cesario

    Facebook Ads Direct Link Affiliate

    Thanks a lot!
  8. cesario

    Facebook Ads Direct Link Affiliate

    Yes I dont want to set up a website, because I want to direct link my affiliate links, if that's still possible
  9. cesario

    Bing ads PPC + Peerfly Offers

    I used {QueryString} in my url; How and where will I able to see what the user searched before clicking the ad and any keywords that convert in networks reports?
  10. cesario

    Facebook Ads Direct Link Affiliate

    How can I direct link affiliate links on Facebook Ads, when I cant get passed the step of verifying the pixel on my website?
  11. cesario

    setup lading page?

    Thanks a lot! (y)
  12. cesario

    setup lading page?

    Thanks a lot for the tutorial; but do I have to add anything to make the landing pages load faster in different countries; such as, Voltr. Or does the landing page load fast in all countries after following the tutorial?