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Recent content by brobee

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    Success page setup in peerfly for tracking

    yes, no wordpress or something like that. I'm developing the website from scratch. Storing, sending different parameters is not a big deal. The only thing, what I don't know, who (I mean which service) is able to give me a response (REST or whatever) to confirm the offer is done. I tried to...
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    Success page setup in peerfly for tracking

    Thank you Tyoussef. It's not clickmagick related question because the UI and the setup is ok - need to mention I got help from the support, huge + - my question is concept related. My postback URL is done. But in this case how do I get any response back the particular offer is done? I passing...
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    Success page setup in peerfly for tracking

    Thanks for your reply Luke! Actually I do not have success page, I want to implement one because it's required for the tracking but I have no idea what is the proper flow. My flow: Link is available on the website, I will redirect the user for the action, he or she will do that and then I place...
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    Success page setup in peerfly for tracking

    Hi All, I use clickmagick for tracking and I have almost setup my campaign tracking, the only missing part is the success page. I need to place a tracking pixel in order to achieve proper tracking. Can someone give me a hand with this? My questions: - Do I need to implement a success landing...
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    More detailed tracking solutions

    Thank you guys!
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    CPA courses recommended by affLIFT members

    I fully got your point, but as a newbie, there is an information cunami and very hard to filter out the one which is necessary. Sure, we need to try them, but what if some particular knowledge/experience is missing? Don't get me wrong, - for me as a totally newbie - practice is the good way to...
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    More detailed tracking solutions

    Hi all, First of all, I'm newbie here, thanks for having me and I'm trying to read all the related posts on the forum. Keep it up guys! I'd like to get some help with tracking, find a solution: Given a website with their users. I would like to place CPA offers on the main page and everybody...
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    [Giveaway] 5 PureLander Memberships

    Robert from US!