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Recent content by anujkaushal!

  1. anujkaushal!

    Finding any affiliate network for app offers

    Me also I just find that network on offer vault
  2. anujkaushal!

    They almost got me (or maybe not)!

    Great method
  3. anujkaushal!

    Finding any affiliate network for app offers

    Hey anybody know this network name Cpitraffic.com these network have very good app offer with almost good payout But I don't listen too much about this network anybody know this network reputation And any suggestion guys for affiliate network which have app offer from tier 2 and tier 3
  4. anujkaushal!

    POP Traffic Optimization Based On CTR%

    This is not the enough data for optimization even u don't get any conversion so how can you check which zone id is performing or not
  5. anujkaushal!

    Can anyone help me in Bing Ads

    Thanks Jack and Luke I started promoting some offers which allow brand bidding I am using phrase and exact keywords for brand bidding
  6. anujkaushal!

    Can anyone help me in Bing Ads

    Hey @Luke Can you suggest me which type of verticals works for bing I never tried bing ads before I am thinking to try contest and survey offer what's ur suggestion for best verticals....?
  7. anujkaushal!

    Facebook + Tracker ?

    I am using peerclick for Facebook ads Peerclick have self integration with almost every network and have very informative knowledge base articles Love it....... How can I use cloaker in peerclick Can u offer some discounts for my clients In monthly package
  8. anujkaushal!

    Hello I am from India

    Hello @Luke I am confuse between "phrase" keywords exact keywords and broad how these all term work when people's search on search engine and what's the use of negative keyword and one more + keto+diet+reviews+ these keywords how all these work when anybody type any thing in search engine and...
  9. anujkaushal!

    Please recommend step by step guide to setup landing page

    Which network is providing pre lander plz tell me about it. right now I according to ne only adcombo and terraleads provide landing pages
  10. anujkaushal!

    Hello I am from India

    Hey I just joined this forum today I am very excited after reading some blog post But I don't find much content releated to search advertising Please built some deep guide about the Bing ads which typeof keywords work best.
  11. anujkaushal!

    Affiliate Marketing Promo Codes and Coupons

    hello Any coupon for Megapush
  12. anujkaushal!

    Follow Along Journey To $100 Day with POP Traffic

    Yes Buddy Now just check the zone id's where you get the enough data and which zone id is not converting just black list them all