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    When do I kill the zone and put it in a black list?

    Thanks @servandosilva for your reply, but if I'm working on an offer that has small payout say $0.25, is it ok to exclude the zone when I spend $0.25 or is that not enough to determine if these zon are bad or not?
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    When do I kill the zone and put it in a black list?

    Hello folks! I'm so confused about how I can exclude the zone and add it to the blacklist especially in push campaigns? I have heard many opinions, like exclude the zone when it reaches the same value of the offer payout without any conversions, and another opinion when the zone reaches half...
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    Official CPA.House - Top affiliate network with the best deals and high payouts

    Hello, I tried to use ur network but its russian language only its to hard to use specially I don't know russian language :( secondly I hope to create English telegram group to get your updates. Thanks
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    Guide Running Trending Campaigns - Monetizer + PropellerAds

    Hi @Luke, is this strategy still working or no?!