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Have you ever known precisely what website you want to visit and typed it directly into the search bar without using your favorite search engine? That’s called direct navigation.

However, there are times when you mistype a domain name, and you just realize it when you are redirected to a website that is not your intended destination but of a similar topic. This process is called domain redirect, and advertisers make use of this mistake to get eyes on their products.

You can actually make use of this traffic to promote your offers, and one good source is Trellian. Established in 2008, this network receives more than 200 million monthly visitors from domains managed by their company


Trellian Features​

Keyword Targeting​

If you want to make sure that your ad is seen by people who are likely to be interested in your offer, then keyword targeting will work wonders for you. Trellian allows you to use multiple keywords that target phrases, topics, brands, or even domain names.

Their KeyIntentTM Process determines whether a word or a misspelling is related to the keywords you added and sends you traffic that is intent-rich and relevant. However, this option is only available for English-speaking countries. Also, the platform does not recognize punctuation marks, so there is no need to use these.

It is possible to add negative keywords as well so that you can filter out traffic that comes from sources that are not allowed by your advertiser, or sources that you have already proven to be losers.

Other targeting options include geotargeting and device targeting. Traffic comes from more than 200 countries around the world.

Zero-Click Traffic​

Domain redirect traffic is also called zero-click because users don’t have to click on an ad to view a landing page. All he needs to do is mistype a domain name or type in keywords with extension and he’ll get redirected to an advertiser’s landing page (which is still relevant to what they are searching for). There’s basically no need to compete against other advertisers for the user’s attention!

What is domain redirect traffic?
Check out this short video from Trellian that explains more about how domain redirect traffic works.

Brand Safe​

To ensure the quality of traffic, Trellian uses its proprietary FraudPrevent technology to filter out bots and fraudulent traffic. This means you won’t be paying for views that are not legitimate, and you won’t experience problems with advertisers regarding your traffic quality.

Auction-based Platform​

Trellian makes use of auction-based traffic delivery. This means that the moment an opportunity for a view presents itself, the platform runs all bids for the same target and quickly redirects the user to the winning bid.

Self-Service Interface​

If you want full control over your campaigns, ads, bids, budgets, and more, then a self-service platform will benefit you, which is exactly what Trellian has to offer. Furthermore, reports are customizable and downloadable.

ROI Tracking and Campaign Optimization
Aside from being able to monitor your traffic and ad spend, it also possible to monitor your revenue and ROI without a need for a third-party tracking system. And because of this, you can immediately optimize campaigns within Trellian itself.

Trellian Funding Options​

The minimum deposit amount is $500, no matter the payment method. Supported payment options include PayPal, Wire Transfer, and credit card (American Express, MasterCard, and Visa).

🚀 Check out the Trellian official thread for more information and ask any questions 👍

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