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SelfAdvertiser PPV - Ratings

They have good traffic, but they need to filter adult from mainstream when doing RON campaigns. I have been banned from offers due to this.
I love selfadvertiser UI and how easy to setup a campaign in their platform. They have good targeting option. they have browser version targeting as well. Their support is awesome and always available. One feature which I wish they have is smart CPM/PPV bidding model
My go to ad network! Their traffic volume is excellent and converts extremely well. Been using SelfAdvertiser since day one and I highly recommend them. Their platform is very intuitive and is perfect for newbies.
Decent volume, decent quality and always adding new features with a decent UI.

Sometimes they lack volume and there's some bot traffic on PPV, but nothing to worry about if you compare it against other networks.
I have used the push of this network, and their traffic is not much. But the quality is ok. I once ran a bitcoin offer here and got 2 conversions, only spent $ 80 ($ 480 in income), and they have a recharge bonus, which is well worth testing. In addition, tell you a little secret, in some countries, you ask your account manager, he will secretly give you a white list. I have the opportunity to try their domain name redirects, and I heard that they are very good.In most countries they have very little traffic, which is the only flaw.

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