Link rating for RTX Platform Push

Some of my frustrations using RTX Push Traffic :
1. Moderation : Very strict and inconsistent. I've had creatives which are approved on other networks (PropellerAds, Megapush, RichPush, ZP, Datspush) but got rejected at RTX. My creatives contain no celebrity, no nude pictures etc and all RTX said was "offensive content". Some creatives are approved but got rejected a week later. I never really understood their policy.
2. UI : The website is VERY slow, especially when you want to optimize by Site ID. No improvement seen after a few months.
3. Min CPC is 0.01, which is considered high for Push. Other networks are offering below that.

Traffic Quality :
Have not tested enough to conclude but I do have some conversions there. You really need a lot of patience running campaigns in RTX.