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If you have a business, whether it’s brick-and-mortar or online-based, it’s important to have a social media presence. A social media page adds to a business’s legitimacy and reputation. It is also a great way to reach out and interact with current and potential customers.

But if managing various social media accounts for your business is taking up your valuable time, or if it simply isn’t something you are keen on doing, it would be wise to hire someone to do it for you. That’s what Rallio is for.

What is Rallio?​

Rallio is a social media management platform that uses SaaS technology to help companies big and small. They help improve page engagement of local businesses, corporate pages, as well as franchisees, which in effect will broaden their reach.

Rallio Tech - this is for corporate businesses with franchises all over the country (or the world!). It enables the main office to maintain control over their brand image while allowing franchisees a certain leeway for their uniqueness.

The corporate headquarters is given access to a dashboard that will allow them to monitor and even curate social media posts across all franchise pages. The same platform also helps businesses manage their reputation, specifically when it comes to customer feedback.

Rallio Local for Small Business - as its name implies, this provides small businesses access to a dedicated strategist who will map out a specialized social media strategy for the business, which includes content creation and advertising options.

Learn more about Rallio in this video:

Rallio Activate - this program encourages employees to act as brand ambassadors for the business by sharing videos and images they have taken themselves. Employees are rewarded for their efforts, enticing them to participate again in the future.

REVV - this program helps businesses improve their brand reputation via post-purchase evaluation. Customers are asked to evaluate their experience, allowing the business to quickly address concerns (if there are any).

Rallio Affiliate Program​

There are millions of businesses worldwide, and many of them need expert guidance to build and maintain a reputable business page. If you know a business that can benefit from Rallio's service, you can refer them to the social media management company and earn from your referral.

Payout Rates
For every business you refer that subscribes to Rallio, you get paid a commission. It is up to you whether you want to receive a one-time payment of $325 per paid sign-up, or if you want to be paid 15% of your referral’s monthly fees.

Payments are released monthly via PayPal.

Long Cookie Duration
Tracking cookies have a 120-day duration. All transactions are handled on the website, so if ever the prospective client chats up Rallio directly for inquiries, they will later be referred back to the website to complete the sign-up process once all their queries have been answered. This means you will surely be credited for the referrals you send.

Real-Time Reports
Rallio uses the Post Affiliate Pro tracking system, which enables affiliates to view their referred traffic, commissions, subscription cost, and status of the conversions (whether pending or approved).

Affiliate Media Kit
Publishers are provided with an affiliate media kit to help them get started with their promotions. The kit includes images, logos, and other shareable content.

For more information about Rallio’s affiliate program, visit their Official Thread here in affLIFT 🚀

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