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Push.House - Ratings

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With a whopping 12.5 billion impressions per day, Push.House is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to providing push messaging traffic.

The company was established in 2018 and is currently based in Ukraine.

Check out our Push.House review below for more information about how you can use this push notification traffic source!

Push.House Features​

Multiple Ad Formats​

Desktop and mobile classic push notification ads are not the only formats available in Push House. They also offer the following:

In-Page Push Ads
These are actually banner ads that imitate the look of push notifications. It appears within the publishing website as a little notification on either the upper or lower corner.

iOS Push Notifications
While the regular push ads are delivered to Android and desktop users, iOS push ads are only for iOS platforms.

Short for Progressive Web Application, this converts a regular website into an app. Clicking on an ad within apps will open up the advertiser’s website.


Worldwide Coverage​

Push House’s traffic comes from more than 180 countries around the world. According to their website, they have more than 340 million active subscribers that lead to 26 million clicks daily.

Real-Time Bidding​

Views are auctioned in real-time, with the highest bidder winning the traffic and receiving the impression. Everything happens in a fraction of a second, that the user won’t even notice it.

The minimum bid depends on the country, but the lowest you can go is $0.002 per click. Account-holders can get an estimate of click volume per country by visiting the Network Volume tab within the dashboard.

Macros Tracking​

To record other click information, you can add macros to your tracking link. Advertisers can use the following tracking macros:
  • {site} for traffic source ID
  • {camp} for Ad ID
  • {pdpid} for subscription ID
  • {price} for the cost per click
  • {feed} for third-party subscription database
  • {country}
  • {city}
  • {os} for the user’s operating system
  • {lang} for the browser language
  • {browser}
  • {format} for the ad format

Ready Creatives​

If you have no ad text and image prepared, you need not worry. You can use any of the ad creatives compiled within the Ready Creatives page. These ads have been compiled by Push House’s internal spy tool.

There are two ways to find a creative, and these are by choosing a country or by filtering ads based on ad text. Thousands of ad creatives are currently available within the platform’s database.


Traffic Filters​

Traffic can be filtered based on the following options:
  • Country
  • City
  • Device
  • OS Version
  • Browser language
  • Operating System
  • Subscription Age - based on days. The fresher the subscription, the more expensive the cost per click. For example, the price per click of a subscriber that has subscribed the past zero to three days will be 2.5 times greater.
  • Adult content - for subscribers 18 years old and above
Aside from the options above, whitelisting and blacklisting traffic based on IP, Site ID, and Subscriber ID is likewise possible.

Push.House Funding Options​

Even newbies can run traffic from Push.House, as this network’s minimum deposit is just $50. You can fund your account using any of the following deposit methods:
  • Bitcoin
  • ePayments
  • WebMoney
  • Qiwi
  • Payeer
  • Visa and MasterCard
Promo codes or deposit bonuses are available upon request.

🚀 Check out the official Push.House thread for more information.
Good network if you want to buy volume from different sources. Simple interface but could have more targeting options. Some parts of it are were not 100% translated to English last time I checked.

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