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Link rating for Peerclick

  • Pablo T
  • 2.00 star(s)
Peerclick has terrible support. Numerous times I had questions that weren't answered. I received a lot of help with the same questions when I worked with Bemob.

When I decided to finish working with Peerclick, I canceled my subscription before time so I wouldn't forget later and get my credit card charged again. I've done this with numerous companies, and this was the first time a company didn't respect the whole month I paid for. Peerclick just stopped working immediately. Support wasn't helpful again. They charged me to complete a new month when all I wanted was to use the little time I had left of the month I had already paid. And they make no refunds.

In conclusion, I don´t recommend working with Peerclick. Like @Add!c7ed said in his review, they don't even have a very complete directory of templates for affiliate networks and sources either.

The only positive thing I can think of comparing Peerclick with other services Is that they have a $19/month plan. That's very inexpensive.

Other than that, I don't recommend Peerclick.