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One of the most consistent verticals in the affiliate marketing industry is health and Nutra. This is not surprising since there is no shortage of people whose pain points can be solved by the products and services being offered in the health category.

As we've always pointed out, working with a CPA network that focuses on your vertical of expertise has a lot of advantages. So when it comes to Nutra offers, one of your choices is NutraCash. This company is currently headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware.


NutraCash - CPA Network For Supplements​

High Paying Offers​

The edge of networks that focus on a single vertical is that sometimes they can negotiate better rates from their advertisers as compared to networks that work with mixed verticals.

And because they get better rates, they are able to pass on higher payouts to their publishers for these offers. Some of these, while not exclusive to this network, pay up to $20 higher than others.

You can expect better payouts for the following categories:
  • Male enhancement - this includes sexual potency enhancers and male enlargement products.
  • Male health - testosterone boosters and muscle enhancing supplements fall under this category.
  • Skin and beauty - this is primarily targeted at women. Offers include vaginal gels, skin brightening serums, breast enhancement, mole removal, and more.
  • Diet and weight loss - this lineup consist mostly of dietary supplements.
  • Hemp and CBD - these are offers that feature hemp oil and supplements for various purposes.
  • General Health - this includes teeth whitening products, hair growers, snoring solutions, as well as brain and memory pills.
NutraCash is not all Nutra, though. They also have a few offers (not a lot) that fall under BizOpp, Finance, Pin or Email Submits, Mobile Installs, and Dating.

Also, you can potentially find an offer for your country of expertise as some of the products accept worldwide traffic.

Multiple Conversion Flows​

This health-focused network provides affiliates with several ways to earn from their traffic. Conversions can be achieved by action, lead, or purchase. So aside from straight sale offers, they also have trials and lead submits.

Strict Acceptance Policy​

Nutracash doesn't accept just anyone. They conduct interviews and do a thorough background check of every applicant to ensure performance quality.

While this means newbie affiliates may find it difficult to be accepted, it also means there will be less publisher competition within the network. This is synonymous with better support team response, a higher conversion cap, and more.


Familiar Tracking System​

This network uses the TUNE tracking program (formerly called HasOffers), which is a popular monitoring system in the affiliate marketing industry. As such, there is a very small learning curve when trying to navigate the platform when searching for offers or checking your stats. Also, linking your third-party tracking tool to NutraCash can be done in a few clicks.

NutraCash Payout Details​

This network’s payment frequency is Net-5, which means conversion approval takes five days, and earnings can be withdrawn weekly.

The minimum revenue required to receive payment is $250. Payment options include PayPal, wire transfer, direct deposit, or check. Unlike other networks, NutraCash does not charge fees for sending payment via wire transfer.

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