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Link rating for Monetizer

I've been using Monetizer for the last couple of months and I've had some nice profitable campaigns. Monetizer is primarily a smartlink network, so it can be tricky to create your own smartlink that is highly targeted to your traffic and audience, but they have a lot of features that can help to make it possible, including the ability to blacklist or whitelist offers and block advertisers. You can also turn off the fallback option for each link you create, essentially changing the link from a smartlink to a regular offer link.

One other feature I like on Monetizer is the ability to optimize links to collect push subscribers. Using this feature I've built up over 100K active push subscribers, bringing in an extra $100is per day and this should continue to bring in some passive income for a while, even after my campaigns are finished.

Monetizer payments are consistent and on time and after earning $5000, then $10,000 you can qualify for Net 7 or Net 0 terms (otherwise the basic terms are Net 14).

The only negative thing about Monetizer is that it can be pretty complicated for a while until you get the hang of all the bells and whistles. This isn't really a negative, but just a bit of extra work because of how many functions are available in this network.

Support is excellent. Features are constantly being updated and added.

I highly recommend Monetizer for everyone from beginners to more experienced marketers.