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If you're a media buying affiliate, you'd know by now how expensive traffic from Tier 1 countries can be. It's also a highly competitive space. If you're just a beginner, more experienced affiliates would likely recommend that you start with Tier 2 and Tier 3 countries as ads for these areas cost less and are not as competitive. If the problem you're facing is finding offers for these foreign countries, well you're in luck. HypeOffers is here for you.

HypeOffers is a CPA network that focuses on marketing to foreign countries, mainly in Europe. This network is a project by ADV Digital Union, a digital marketing company established in Burgas, Bulgaria, and has been in business since 2018.

HypeOffers - Affiliate network for earning on foreign traffic

Exclusive Offers
The offers within this network are unique and can't be found elsewhere. If you're looking for something new, this is a great place to start.

The offers have all been compiled in bundles, which function as Smartlinks, automatically rotating offers based on location, device, and other click information. There are currently more than 90 bundles readily available for affiliates to use. You can also create your own bundle.

Their focus is on Nutra offers targeting 15 European countries. The offers are COD.


Localized offers
Since you’re promoting to foreign countries, you’d want to be able to connect with potential customers using the language they can best interact with. You need not worry so much about this since HypeOffers displays landers and prelanders in the native language of the viewer.

High Approval Rate
HypeOffers have call centers that can speak the language of your customer, hence you can be assured of a high conversion rate. The products are shipped within one to three days, guaranteeing customer acceptance which leads to a high approval rate.

Professional Support
They see the need to provide personalized support to their publishers, so they don’t only assign you a personal manager, you’ll also be guided according to your needs. HypeOffers understands that helping affiliates is not a one-size-fits-all system, so they offer assistance that is tailored to each publisher’s language, traffic type, promotional methods, and other requirements.

In-house Tracking Platform
This network makes use of its own tracking system to help affiliates monitor their conversions in real-time. Hype Offers’ tracking platform lets you analyze your traffic by drilling down to various indicators such as conversion rate, approval rate, EPC, and more.

Reports can be pulled based on the following filters:
  • offers
  • browsers
  • sub ID
  • days
  • streams
  • sources
  • country
  • device
  • lander/prelander
With this, you can monitor your traffic accurately and effectively evaluate your marketing strategies, even if you don’t have a third-party tracker.

In addition, their platform is integrated with fraud monitoring systems to make sure all traffic is legitimate to ensure compliance.

HypeOffers Payout Options

Earnings are released on a bi-weekly, as long as you’ve accumulated at least $100. They don’t hold payments for publishers with a proven track record.

HypeOffers sends payment via PayPal, WebMoney, and wire transfer.

🚀 HypeOffers is a part of the affLIFT community. Check out their official thread for more information or to get support directly from their account managers!

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