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Grammarly Affiliate Program
Whether you’re writing a business proposal, a research paper, an article for a news website, or simply a post for your blog, having correct grammar is a must. You would be able to command a certain level of trust and respect if your writing skills are flawless.

But what if writing isn’t your forte and you’re not confident with the final draft you’ve created? Do you ask a friend or colleague to proofread for you? Can you trust their judgment or skill? If you’re feeling stuck, Grammarly can help you.

And if it can help you as a customer, you can see how the Grammarly affiliate program may be an attractive option for making an easy commission!


What’s Grammarly About?​

Grammarly is a tool that scans your written work and notifies you of possible grammatical errors in your piece. The company started out in 2009 as an AI-powered software initially focused on helping students improve their writing skills. Now, this tool can be used by basically anyone -- whether it be for professional writing or just for day to day correspondence.

Grammarly Features​

Aside from grammar, Grammarly can help improve your writing with the following features:
  • Fluency - use better words to get your message across;
  • Conciseness - use fewer words while still maintaining the meaning of the content;
  • Vocabulary - choose from a wide range of word choices so you won’t have to repeat the same word over and over;
  • Tone - tells you how your writing comes across to the reader: is it formal, informal, encouraging, or disapproving? Grammarly can detect up to 19 types of tone.
  • Plagiarism Detection - have your work scanned and checked for originality by comparing it to more than 16 billion pages on the web.


Grammarly is a plug-and-play tool that you can attach to programs you already use. There is no huge learning curve; the moment you enable the plugin or extension, it starts underlining parts of the text that can be improved.

Grammarly is available as:
  • A browser extension for Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer
  • An add-in for Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • A keyboard for Android and iOS devices.


Grammarly has three kinds of plans that users can choose from. These are:
  1. Free Plan - checks the grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Also gives feedback on the clarity, engagement, and tone.
  2. Premium Plan - priced at $29.95 per month, this plan provides enhanced writing suggestions, such as the use of inclusive language, improving the tone, and use of compelling vocabulary.
Users can save 33% if they opt to pay quarterly, and 61% if they choose to be billed annually.
  1. Business Plan - priced at $25 per month per member with a minimum of three members, this plan includes everything under Premium Plan. It also includes a style guide, an admin panel with team usage information, and most importantly, priority support.
Businesses can save up to 50% if they opt to pay on an annual basis.

Grammarly Affiliate Program​

With remote work and remote education quickly becoming the new normal, a powerful grammar checker has become a necessity for better correspondence. This is an opportune moment to be a Grammarly affiliate.

Payouts are as follows:
You can apply to the Grammarly affiliate program through Commission Junction (CJ) or ShareASale.

Grammarly is slowly becoming a household name. With its free plan and excellent features, promoting this product is pretty easy and can get you several leads a day without being too sales-y.

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