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If you want to work with an affiliate network that has been in the industry for some time now, why not try GiantMobi?

This performance network has been in the affiliate marketing business since 2014 and is currently headquartered in Vietnam.

Learn more about Giantmobi in our review below 😃

GiantMobi Affiliate Network Review​

Gaintmobi offers many features that help affiliates find success in affiliate marketing. These features include the following:

Diverse Offers​

While the name can be misleading, GiantMobi is not all about mobile content — it actually has offers from a wide range of categories, including the following:
  • Mobile content (videos and entertainment subscription offers)
  • Health and Nutra offers
  • Mobile apps
  • White label products (including e-commerce products such as home devices, teeth whitening gadgets, and more)
  • Browser Extensions
  • Mainstream dating
  • Sweepstakes
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Insurance
  • Gambling
  • Downloads
Offers are available worldwide, with multiple conversion flows, including CPL, CPS, CPA, and COD.

Accepts Multiple Traffic Types​

If you’re a media-buying affiliate, you’d be happy to know that GiantMobi accepts most traffic types, as long as they’re clean and free of bots or fraud traffic. You can use banner ads, pop ads, app walls, domain redirects, video placements, and incentivized traffic.

Two Ways to Sign-up​

Depending on your focus, you can sign up for two kinds of accounts: the apps publisher account and the mobile subscription affiliate account.

The application publisher account focuses on apps offers, which include mobile apps, downloadables, and browser extensions.

The mobile subscription affiliate account focuses not only on mobile content but also on all other offer verticals available in the network. This one has a more extensive application process as it requires affiliates to provide information on the traffic types used, the address of your apps (if you have in-app traffic), what other networks you have worked with, and the contact information of your affiliate managers in other networks.

In-house Tracking System​

This network uses an in-house tracking system that allows affiliates to efficiently monitor their campaigns and conversions. Affiliates are provided with comprehensive reports, with details such as impression count, click count, conversions, conversion rate, and more.

Connecting your third party tracker is as easy as 1-2-3 since this performance network’s platform can be integrated with almost any known tracking platform available for affiliates today.

Anti-Fraud System​

To protect both advertisers and affiliates, GiantMobi uses an anti-fraud technology that effectively cleans traffic before it arrives at the offer’s landing page. It also detects and discards conversions that have been identified as fraudulent based on specific click and demographic information.


GiantMobi Payout Options​

GiantMobi uses four payment terms to ensure all publishers get their earnings on time. These payment terms include weekly, Net 15, and Net 30 payouts. VIP publishers are paid within a day.

Payments are sent through Payoneer, PayPal, wire transfer, and Tether USDT.

If you refer other publishers to the network, you’ll earn 5% of your referral’s earnings, and this will be added to your balance automatically.

GiantMobi is a member of this community and actively posts the top performing offers in its lineup. Click here to visit their official thread.

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