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Earnify Native
Being the world’s premier self-serve native advertising platform, Earnify has become a major player in helping companies improve brand awareness and eventually drive more traffic to their websites. But aside from building a brand, affiliates often turn to native advertising to generate leads and earn from commissions.

Earnify was established in 2014, with its headquarters located in Brisbane, Australia. Through its advanced demand-side technology, it allows advertisers to display ads on websites with high domain authority. Some of their partners include CNN, Coindesk, News.com.au, Washington Examiner, BBC, and more than 800 premium websites. Their 500 million daily impressions will also bring value to your ad campaigns.


Earnify Native

Earnify also provides several features that will surely drive quality traffic to your websites. Here are some of them.

Quick Set-Up

It’s easier to sign up with Earnify. Simply join via their sign up page and start creating campaigns. Their backend is easy to navigate so a beginner can quickly customize and set up tailored campaigns.

Users can save valuable time with Earnify. You only need one dashboard to manage your native advertising campaigns across 35 high-quality supply-side platforms or SSPs.

Self-Serve Native Advertising

Self-service advertising allows advertisers full control over their campaigns. There would be no need to wait for your account manager’s response in case there is something you want to change; you can do everything immediately and by yourself.

Transparency and Full Control

Earnify offers full transparency in your campaigns, which means users can see which websites they are bidding on in real-time. You can check whether a specific website is working for your campaign or not. Once you deem a website profitable, you can whitelist it in a new campaign. You can also toggle the status of a specific website into blacklist mode if that source is not performing well for the current campaign.

Users can customize bid, schedule, and budgets. If you want to increase or decrease your bid, you can do so using the bid modifier function.

Earnify also allows its users to decide how exactly they want their widgets to appear. The size, format, color, and even its style can be changed, but all depending on the ad position. Updates happen immediately which makes Earnify as adaptable and flexible as native advertising comes.

When it comes to reporting, you can filter based on the campaign, platform, geo-location, networks, or traffic sources. Being able to review your results and analyze a detailed report can help you improve your campaigns.


Advanced Targeting

With its state-of-the-art targeting technology, Earnify connects your campaigns to the right potential customers. This can maximize the results of your campaigns and can, therefore, increase conversion rates and ROI.

These are some of the available targeting options when you use Earnify.
  • ISP or Carrier Targeting
  • IP Targeting
  • Language Targeting
  • Category Targeting
  • GEO Targeting
  • OS Targeting
  • Time Targeting
  • Device Targeting
Remarketing as well as targeting whitelisted sources can also be done.

Conversion Optimization

Earnify can also automatically optimize your campaigns for better lead conversion. Their conversion tracking technology optimizes your ads to favor publishers providing better leads. This maximizes every dollar advertisers spend as it brings quality traffic.

Fraud Prevention

Earnify ensures you are only ever bidding on human traffic by combining Earnify’s proprietary fraud detection system and several external ones. It scans every impression to bring high-quality traffic. Their bidders employ approximately 100 different quality assurance checks on each impression to ensure you are only bidding on real traffic.

Growth and Scalability

Earnify wants advertisers to get what they are paying for, so they work closely with you in every stage so that you can meet or even exceed your business goals. This network bids close to 400 billion global ad impressions per month, which means there is no shortage of traffic. Its connection to premium networks and SSPs allows its advertisers to scale faster.

Premium Customer Support

To better serve their consumers, Earnify guides new advertisers to drive conversions to their products. You can chat with an Earnify Specialist to help you in launching your first native advertising campaign.

Profitable Niches

The best converting niches in this platform are offers within finance, eCommerce, and health and wellness. Still, as a versatile ad network, Earnify can work on any niche selected by advertisers.

Earnify Funding Options

Currently, Earnify only accepts bank transfer and card payments (credit or debit cards accepted). Payments are processed quickly but for first transactions, the verification process of credit cards usually takes 12 hours. On the other hand, wire deposits take 3-5 business days before appearing in the account. The minimum deposit is $100.

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They have terrible and unreachable support. I have never been treated so badly (as an affiliate) than when I joined the Earnify network. They request a personal ID card photo to verify the account and then don't check it for several days (and I don't even know how long we will have to wait, it seems like they are totally unserious). Our $200 deposit is still waiting to be approved, after more than 96 hours since top-up.

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