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DatsPush - Ratings

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Minimum Deposit
No flexible multiple automated rules, no "cost per lead" or "cpa" targeting in automated rules. Overall quailty of traffic is normal. Usability of advertiser cabinet doesnt change for years, thats minus. Looks like its not primary business for owner of that push network Leadbit.
Can't really say about their quality since i haven't test much but recently i return to datspush... i think their bidding algorithm have some problem. since it's normal even you bid over average at least you will get some traffic. but i got like dozen clicks and some even few clicks. The staff keep telling me to bid higher.. i have no idea how high i gonna be. frankly it's even higher bid price than other networks.
Not recommend.
Some of my frustrations using Datspush :
1. Campaigns stopped automatically when you spend half your campaign's budget. E.g. If your campaign budget is $50, you won't get anymore traffic after the campaign spends $25 (this is confirmed by their support).
2. No notification for stopped campaigns. So you have to go in and check all the time.
3. UI : Full campaign name is not visible due to narrow column width. And this is not adjustable.

Traffic Quality :
Not too bad. They do convert. I do have a few profitable campaigns. I have not tested enough because the campaigns keep stopping on their own and I don't have time to monitor all the time.
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They have a nice UI with a lot of campaign settings. I wasn't impressed with the volume but their rates are decent and have a mere 50$ minimum deposit. They have great support too!

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Not sure if it is a personal review or a global one, however, Datspush Support is terrible. Moreover, not sure about the traffic quality eiher.

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