Link rating for CPV Lab Pro

  • agentf
  • 4.00 star(s)
I've used CPVLab for quite a long time on and off, I always liked it as it was self-hosted and relatively cheap. It was pretty decent in its time but after a few years started to fade then there was a bit of a rocky time and CPVLab Pro broke away.

I got to play with earlier versions of Pro and the move to PHP 7 was a massive bonus IMHO but other than that it was pretty much the same as the older now-defunct version. However, the team at CPVLab Pro didn't sit on their laurels and continued to release new versions and I must admit the latest one feels a much more rounded and slicker product.

For starters, the install is now much easier and smoother, you download the install wizard and away you go (shame really I did earn a few quid back in the day doing setups lol). Something which always bugged me a bit was the fact it seemed to call home a lot which I think with the new licensing has now stopped.

All in all its a pretty good product and being self-hosted allows you to run as much traffic as you can get through it without worrying about extra monthly costs.

Support seems pretty quick to respond and generally helpful which is always a big plus for any product. If you have a server and are OK to manage your own tracker then its definitely worth a look, they offer a 30-day trial so you can give it a whirl and see if it's for you so you can't really lose.