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Gambling is one of the most lucrative niches in the affiliate marketing industry. And there are tons of ways to earn from gambling, the most common of which are single opt-in leads, double opt-in leads, credit card input conversions, initial deposit and subsequent deposits! So if you have mastered at least one way, you’re all set.

The key to succeeding in the gambling and betting verticals is to find an affiliate network that will provide you a constant stream of new offers and exclusive brands to promote. This is where CPA Kitchen comes in.

CPA Kitchen Features

CPA Kitchen is a new affiliate network known for focusing on gambling and betting offers. Established in July 2019, the network has already gained more than two dozen exclusive offers under their belt.

CPA Kitchen

Here are some of this affiliate network’s interesting features:

Exclusive Offers

CPA Kitchen works directly with brand owners and companies, which means you can be confident that the offers listed in this network cannot be found anywhere else. This also means less affiliate competition and higher payouts.

Their top offers fall under:
  • Casino
  • Betting
  • Poker
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Lottery
Details of all their offers can be seen on their website, even by publishers who haven’t signed up with them yet. If you are still on the fence about joining, you can have a look at what they have available first before deciding.

Personal Affiliate Manager

To help each affiliate better understand how the platform works, CPA Kitchen assigns each one an affiliate manager. The network has a unique tracking and reporting system, which is why a thorough guide on how to use the platform is necessary.

Affiliates can also get in touch with their managers to verify what type of traffic is accepted, which offers work best for a specific ad format, how best to convert for a particular offer and more.

Offer Requests

If there are specific offers that fall under the niches that CPA Kitchen work with but is not available in their platform, affiliates can simply send a message to their affiliate managers. The network will seek out this offer to strike a deal with the company. This way, you can promote your best offers under one roof.

Minimal Limitations

Whatever kind of traffic you have and from whatever location, CPA Kitchen would surely have something for you. Whether you use arbitrage traffic, email, viral websites, SEO, mobile apps and more.

OneLink and AdRotator

If you are not certain which offer you’d like to try, you can use their OneLink feature. This is actually a Smartlink, which automatically sends your traffic to the best matching offer based on geolocation and other user attributes.

They also have the AdRotator feature, which helps webmasters earn more from their ad placements. This feature is typically used for banner ads. To set this up, you will first be asked for the banner resolution as well as the vertical you intend to promote. You will then be provided with a code that you can add to your webpage. A unique code will be provided for every ad placement with different placements, banner sizes, and verticals.

The AdRotator will display banner ads in rotation. Once the placement has received enough impressions, clicks, and leads, the platform’s smart optimization system will be able to determine which ad creatives and offers (or a combination of both) perform best. The offer that is most productive will be displayed more often.

Real-time Statistics

This affiliate network in gambling provides up-to-date reports on the leads you receive and the purchases that go through. You will know how much you earn on each specific campaign in real-time.

Payment Cushion

One thing they are proud of is that they have a financial cushion, so if in case advertisers and brands can’t pay the publisher immediately, CPA Kitchen will still be able to do so. Affiliates will be happy to know that the network will pay out even if there are issues or emergencies with the advertiser, as long as the conversions are of desired quality.

CPA Kitchen Payment Options

Affiliates can earn based on Cost per Acquisition, Revenue Share, or via a combination of both. With the Hybrid model, you will earn from every confirmed registration, as well as a percentage of the user’s deposits or losses.

If you want to earn more, you can refer other affiliates to the network. You will get a 5% commission for your referrals’ confirmed earnings.

CPA Kitchen also acknowledges the needs of affiliates to have consistent cash flow, which is why they send payouts as quickly as seven days from the payout request. This allows you to use the money to continuously direct traffic to their offers, monitor your conversions better, and improve your quality.

Their payment options include Webmoney, Bitcoin, ePayments, and wire transfer. The minimum payout amount is $100, and there are no fees charged, whichever payment mode you prefer.

🚀 CPAKitchen provides support for their affiliates through affLIFT! Simply message them (@CPAKitchen) with any questions you have!

Latest Rating

They focus on gambling offers, if you are good at running casinos, you can try this affiliate network. I refer to cpa or profit sharing, because their cpl offer is generally 40% kpi, I do n’t recommend you run too much. Moreover, they do not have any advantages in offer payout and exclusive offers. I also found a problem, compared to adcombo and 3snet, their dns to lp speed is relatively slow, at least 1.5 seconds gap. But their AM service is very good, and they are friendly to novices.

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