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If you’re looking for a beginner-friendly affiliate network, Alfaleads is a great choice. This CPA network opened up in 2016 and is currently headquartered in Saint-Petersburg.

It has been rising slowly and steadily over the years.

Read our Alfaleads review below to learn why you should be using this awesome affiliate network and the tools they have available to you.

Alfaleads Affiliate Network

High Performing Offers
There are more than 2,000 offers that perform very well on the platform. In 2019, Alfaleads paid out almost $93 million for one vertical alone.

Their most popular verticals include iGaming, Games, Dating, Sweepstakes, Finance, Adult, Sweepstakes, Sports, and eSports. They partnered directly with Yandex, Wargaming, Ashley Madison, and Victoria Dates. If you plan on promoting any of these direct offers, you can expect higher payouts in Alfaleads than in other networks.


New Tools
Alfaleads wants to make sure its affiliates have the tools they need to improve their conversions. First off, they have a Smartlink option, making it easier for affiliates to just drive traffic and see which offer converts best.

Second, Alfaleads developed the PWA app builder. PWA is short for Progressive Web App, which mimics the look and feel of a usual mobile app, without the heavy infrastructure. It’s an easy to use tool that can help increase your revenues.

Several other tools are being rolled out, such as the APK builder, deep-link generator, cloaking technology, and more.

Multiple Bonuses
Signing up as an affiliate in Alfaleads entitles you to several bonuses. Currently, the CPA network gives the following discounts:
  • 25% discount on AdsBridge
  • $50 discount on Peerclick
  • 25% discount on Advanceance
  • 25% discount on Keitaro
  • 10% discount on Publer
  • 10% discount on MGID
  • 15% discount on OctoTracker
  • 100 tracking options for CPA Daily
  • Multiple discounts for Binom
  • Multiple discounts for RedTrack
Even if you have not yet earned a cent, you will be able to fully utilize these discounts to various affiliate marketing tools and ad networks.

Aside from this, once you start generating conversions, you will also earn Alfaleads points. Each affiliate would have a chance to exchange these points to awesome rewards. They call this the “Beautiful Life” program.


Responsive Account Manager
Alfaleads opened up multiple channels for affiliates to get in touch with their account managers. From the support messaging section within the dashboard to emails, Telegram chat, and Skype. The support team is easy to talk to and quick to respond to any queries.

Quick Reporting
This CPA network uses a simple reporting interface that even complete noobs can understand with one look. You can filter the reports based on the date, offer, SmartLink, country, and so much more. If you prefer to use your own tracker, you can also integrate these with Alfaleads.

Alfaleads Payout Options

This performance marketing network deposits your earnings to your account for as little as $30. Payments can be made through PayPal, ePayments, Paxum, and Webmoney. They pay weekly, anytime between Wednesday and Friday of a given week.

When withdrawing payment for the first time, the network will just need to double-check the quality of the traffic before sending the payment. Once that’s done, the next payments will be processed faster.

🚀 Alfaleads is a part of the affLIFT community! Check out their official thread for more information or to ask any questions.

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