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If traffic volume is one of your biggest concerns and you don’t want to jump from one ad network to another, then your best bet would be to use a DSP. A Demand Side Platform provides several times more volume than a typical traffic platform since aside from having their own traffic supply (note: direct publishers), they also partner with several ad networks.

For push notification ads, you can try using Adtelligent, an ad exchange platform established in 2008 and headquartered in New York City. The company has been recognized by Inc 5000 as among the fastest-growing independent technology company in 2016 and 2017.


Adtelligent Push DSP Features and Benefits​

Adtelligent has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users across different ad formats. They serve ads to at least 200 countries worldwide using traffic that come from more than 25 thousand direct publishers.

Their top countries by push ads traffic volume are India, Indonesia, Brazil, United States, Malaysia, Russian Federation, Ukraine, Germany, Vietnam, and Italy, in that order.

Programmatic Buying​

As with many DSPs, Adtelligent allows programmatic buying, making it easier for advertisers to purchase traffic. Once an opportunity for an ad to be displayed comes up, the platform’s technology runs a bidding process wherein the highest bidder’s ad is displayed. The process runs in a fraction of a second that is barely noticeable to a user.

Bidding starts at $0.001 per CPM, and $0.0001 per click.


Multiple Targeting and Filtering Options​

Adtelligent uses a self-service platform, allowing the advertiser to have full control over his ads. To make sure the ad finds its mark, advanced targeting options are available. Audiences can be narrowed down based on:
  • IP and subnet
  • ISP and bandwidth
  • Device type
  • Browser and browser language
  • Operating system
  • Domain
Aside from these, the advertiser can also filter audiences based on how long since the user has subscribed to receive push notifications. The shorter the time frame, the fresher the subscriber, which also means the better the chances at conversion.

It is also possible to schedule the display of the ad based on day and time, and to limit the number of times the same subscriber sees the ad.

Finally, once you have enough data, you can create a list of domains, IPs, placement IDs and Sub IDs. You can either send traffic just to this list (whitelist), or you can exclude them (blacklist).

Remarketing Features​

Another great way to increase conversion rate is by promoting once more to people who have engaged with your ad or has displayed interest. Adtelligent allows you to do this by retargeting to users. This is done by capturing user IDs and sending ads that drives users further along your marketing funnel.


Anti-Fraud Features​

Adtelligent has a built-in anti-fraud technology that filters out fraudulent traffic right before they hit your landing page.


Monitoring the actions performed by users on your landing page is possible in Adtelligent. Up to five actions can be tracked per page. Actions or conversions can be tracked automatically via postback, or manually via manual upload.

Adtelligent Push DSP Funding Options​

Adtelligent requires a minimum of $100 to fund your account. Accounts can be funded via PayPal, WebMoney, wire transfer, or credit cards.

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