Link rating for AdPlexity

  • Morty
  • 1.00 star(s)
Where do I even start?

First - try somebody else first. Only use Adplexity if you have to.

I found the service (when I could access it) to be similar to others w/ no real difference. Except that their interface had a super annoying feature of automatically opening pics when your mouse hovers over a pic for 1 second. There's no way to turn this off. When the screen is filled with pictures - there's no safe place to rest your mouse while you look at the results.

If it were just about the value of the service for the price, I'd give them 2.5 stars.

However I give them 0 stars because I was locked out of my account 4 days ago. I sent emails to the support address provided every day.
And never got a response. Not even an automated one telling me when to expect a response.

Adplexity has completely left me out in the cold. So I just cancelled. (Hopefully I will get my money back - we shall see).

The irony - after cancelling my subscription via paypal (thank goodness I can do that, since I can't *log* into Adplexity to cancel). They sent me an automated email from the same support email address with the subject:"Adplexity - Tell us why you cancelled and get a FREE month!"

However, in the body of the email - it indicates your response is actually an entry to win. (It does not even clearly spell out it's a monthly drawing - you are left to infer it from the email copy).

That's extremely misleading. But at this point I am not surprised.

You've been warned. Stay away.