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Minimum Deposit

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In this era when connecting to the World Wide Web is no longer a luxury but a necessity, it is but small wonder why people consume more content than ever before. This means internet marketing is as lucrative as ever. Whether a user is watching a video to entertain himself or reading an article to get up-to-date information on what’s happening around the world, advertisers have a chance to display their products and services to this pair of eyes.

However, the number one problem in promoting your offers online is that you have tons of competition. Users are bombarded with ads left and right that they already develop what we call “ad blindness”. If your creative looks anything remotely like an ad or a promotion, you can say goodbye to your audience’s attention. One ad type that seemed to have eluded this ad blindness problem is the Native Ad.

Native ads are those that don’t look like ads at all. They blend seamlessly into the nature of the publishing website that users tend to think that they are really part of the website. If you’d like to jump into native advertising space, you can test the waters at AdNow.


AdNow Features

This company has been around since 2014 and is not showing any signs of slowing down. Its headquarters is housed in London, with multiple team members located all over the world. It is even possible for an advertiser to get an affiliate manager that speaks his native language.

High Volume
If you’re looking for good traffic volume, you won’t be disappointed with AdNow. Their estimated monthly impression count for their native ads is six billion, with 980 million unique users. This is distributed to its 160 thousand website publishers showing in 114 countries around the world.

Aside from having exclusive publishers in their platform, AdNow has also partnered with several DSPs and SSPs so that they virtually have unlimited traffic inventory.

Here is a rough category distribution of their publishing websites:
  • News - 26%
  • Fashion - 21%
  • Health and Beauty - 17%
  • Movies and TV Shows - 14%
  • Blogs and forums - 8%
  • Cooking - 6%
The remaining 8% fall under various smaller categories.

Affordable Pricing
Their payment model is CPM, and the price ranges from anywhere between ten cents to two dollars per thousand views. The price depends on the country.

Guaranteed Safe Content
One of the reasons why AdNow’s publishers remain with them is because the platform guarantees that all ads being run go through proper moderation channels. Conversely, advertisers can rest assured that their ads will only be displayed in safe and high-quality websites.

Audience Profile
Unlike other content discovery and product recommendation traffic sources, AdNow is able to provide its advertisers with the demographics of their traffic. This information is important to help media buyers plan which offers have better chances of performing. The following are the most important data on AdNow’s traffic inventory:
  • Gender distribution - 65% of the audience population is females, with only 35% males;
  • Device distribution - 60% of the traffic comes from desktop, while the remaining 40% comes from mobiles;
  • Best Performing Verticals - based on previous campaigns, the platform has figured the following niches to perform best:
    • Beauty and skin
    • Health and wellness
    • Diet and weight loss
    • Utilities
    • Mobile applications
    • eCommerce
    • Sweepstakes
    • Dating
  • Top Countries - the best performing countries are UK, USA, Turkey, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Poland, and Greece.
Quick Campaign Set-up
The dashboard is pretty intuitive and has a low learning curve. Even a beginner advertiser will be able to create an ad within a couple of minutes. It is also important to note that users can set up multiple creatives within a single campaign. This is useful if you want to split-test your ads.

Advanced Targeting
In order to efficiently display your native ads to the correct audience, you can adjust your campaign’s targets. The following targeting options are available:
  • Country, region or city
  • Device
  • Connection types
  • Operating system
  • Carrier or Provider
Once you have completed a campaign run and have analyzed the performance of the publishers that displayed your ads, you can upload a whitelist or blacklist to new or existing campaigns to further filter your audience.

AdNow Tracking Tokens
Tracking TokenDescription
{CAMP_ID}Campaign ID
{CR_ID}Creative ID
{SRC_ID}Domain source ID

Self-Service or Managed Service
While AdNow is primarily a self-service platform, they also provide a managed option. So whether you want to be hands-on with your campaigns, or you want someone else to optimize your campaigns for you, you can definitely work with AdNow.

Instead of selling ad placements in bulk, AdNow uses OpenRTB. Since the platform uses real-time bidding technology, advertisers are assured that they don’t pay for unnecessary placements and that their budget is not wasted. The network provides support for custom integration as well.

AdNow Payment Options

AdNow offers the lowest minimum deposit for native ads advertisers anywhere, which is $30. Payment can be deposited through PayPal, WebMoney, and credit cards.

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