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During 8 years of our work, we gathered lots of stories from our partners about bans on social media, huge spendings on Google Ads, and fraud in ad networks. You can meet some difficulties in every traffic source. So the only way to protect yourself is to launch campaigns on different sources simultaneously. In this article, we’ll share our thoughts about risk diversification in affiliate marketing.

Usually, an investment portfolio consists of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and cash. But what if you can collect your investment portfolio from affiliate marketing traffic sources?

Look, it is so similar. When you invest in assets, you buy some resources, follow the trends, analyze the market, and wait for what to do next and how to scale up. In affiliate marketing, you do the same: you launch the campaign, wait for the first results, and think about the best ways of optimization. Both these ways of earning don’t require constant attention but help you to create passive income.

How to start? First of all, you need to define your investment goals. Choose one of three options. The most important thing for you is:
  1. earn money as soon as possible
  2. save your money and avoid risks
  3. earn and save
More information below!

The investment strategy depends on your answer. There are such strategies:

1. Aggressive​

It is connected with risks and new opportunities.

2. Moderate​

This strategy shows the balance between earnings and risks.

3. Conservative​

The most cautious users choose this option. This strategy contains resources that behave the same, regardless of the economic changes. Earnings are lower but so are the risks.

Now we move on to the most important thing — risk diversification. It also connects investment and affiliate marketing. No matter, whether you are a beginner who chooses a conservative strategy or an experienced affiliate with an aggressive plan, you need to diversify your risks to be prepared for economic changes. To make a working investment portfolio, distribute risks and earnings properly. Even if fast payments are your priority, you can create a second safe portfolio as a backup and passive income. This way, even if one stock drops, you still have another one for a rainy day.

In affiliate marketing, you should diversify risks as well. Many users choose only one traffic source and work there. It’s a mistake! What if this source is banned or doesn’t allow you to advertise your product? Then money and expertise won’t help, only diversification. Here’s our strong advice: launch campaigns on all the available traffic sources at the same time.

Fortunately, you have many options: social media, SEO, and ad networks. Let’s have a look at all the traffic sources and their features.

As an example, you choose Facebook. Seems as if it’s obvious how to work with it. There are thousands of articles about this social network, you already have an account, and Facebook has a 2.7 billion audience. You need to choose the parameters and launch the campaign. But…it’s not that easy. Now all FB crazy rules come on the stage. One day your account is banned and you lose all your money. Another day, they update advertising rules that don’t match your offer anymore. Then it’s possible to go negative because you spend too much on various banking cards, accounts, and proxies. To feel calm, you need to have ad campaigns on other social media. For example, TikTok.


This social network is younger. That is why there’s not so strong competition here as on Facebook. But TikTok also has a huge audience: about 800 million active users. Another advantage is that people aren't afraid to spend money here. According to Sensor Tower data, TikTok was the top-grossing non-gaming app worldwide in February 2021, with more than $110 million of user spending. But, of course, you can face some challenges, either. It requires more effort to direct subscribers to your product as you can’t add affiliate links to your videos. Furthermore, there’s no stability in algorithms on TikTok yet, and your account can be blocked almost without reason.

Social media is a good way to earn money but it does not suit all products. What about SEO? In Google Ads, you have more ROI potential but also more expensive rates. One important thing to know about this source is that you can’t use creatives and ‘bridge pages’. Google Ads allow only landing pages or websites with valuable content. There are also a lot of policy terms and rules. So it’s easy to get a ban.

To diversify all the risks it’s better to use all the accessible traffic sources. For now, the safest way to earn in affiliate marketing is through ad networks. This is the only option with almost no bans. So, if all your campaigns are banned from other traffic sources, your money will still work in ad networks and cover your loss. Meanwhile, it’s cheaper to launch the campaigns in ad networks. You can get a reward even with a minimum budget. To make sure, check out this case and use tips from there for a beneficial start. One more thing we love about affiliate marketing is support 24/7. Have you ever tried to text about some problems to digital giants, such as Instagram or Google? We — yes, and we aren't eager to repeat this experience. You either don’t have an answer or get it in weeks. In affiliate networks, you have your personal manager who can give you tips about the first campaign launch, rates, and optimization, not to mention problem-solving. The only serious disadvantage of ad networks is that it’s hard to find a decent one, without bots and fraud.

How does an ad network work? Advertisers come to an ad network with an offer that they are willing to promote. Website owners become partners with ad networks to sell them advertising units and spots on their sites. Ad networks connect advertisers and website owners. Many of these companies buy traffic from website owners and sell it to another network. The second network sells it to the third one. Reselling doesn’t make sense if companies don’t add a fee. To keep the balance positive, ad networks increase prices and artificially exaggerate traffic volumes: for example, with bots. It’s the same as when people want to save money on alcohol and add some other liquids to expensive drinks. This way an advertiser gets an expensive, full of bots traffic. But Galaksion, being an advertising network, is at the very beginning of this chain. We buy traffic from its generators — website owners and sell it to advertisers. So we still have low price and at the same time clean traffic. We call it direct traffic.

Now you see that passive income creation consists of many rules and the main is risk diversification. Use Facebook and TikTok accounts, Google Ads, and affiliate networks at the same time.

Only one task left: you need to find a top-notch ad network. We won’t hesitate to say that you can find everything for a profitable campaign in Galaksion. We already told you about our main feature — direct traffic. Furthermore, we are one of a few ad networks that have a CPA pricing model. If you use ad networks for the first time or want to test more cases, choose it. So you’ll pay only for conversions and won’t lose money if something’s wrong.

We have more reasons for you to try ad networks:
🔸 6 ad formats;
🔸 160+ GEOs;
🔸 10+ verticals;
🔸 9 targeting options;
🔸 a free base of tested creatives;
🔸 an opportunity to test up to 10 creatives in 1 campaign;
🔸 traffic estimator to find the most suitable rates;
🔸 personal manager who helps you on every step.

If you’re still in doubt, we prepared for you an additional bonus. Recently, we organized a contest between advertisers: Race across the verticals. The aim was to reveal the most profitable verticals. Cleaners and subscriptions won. So now we share rates from the race that will bring you high conversions.


CPM RATES (cost per mille = 1 000 impressions)

FR — $0.55
MY — $1.05
ZA — $0.80
AE, SA — $0.45
ID —$0.40

FR —$0.40
AE, SA — $0.55


EG — $0.02
ZA — $0.10

CPA RATES (cost per target action)


FR — $0.45
MY — $0.95
ZA — $1.50
AE, SA — $2.70
ID — $0.25

FR — $0.55
AE, SA — $ 2.70


EG — $0.45
ZA — $1.20




US, GB — $0.95
TW — $0.75
ZA — $0.25
HK, TH — $0.40
BR — $0.10

US, GB — $2.50



US, GB — $0.55
TW — $0.35
ZA — $0.35
HK, TH — $0.80
BR — $0.25

US, GB — $1.20

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From this article, you’ve got the instruction to make an investment portfolio in affiliate marketing and create a financial cushion. Act now to make money work for you!
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