EvaDav, an affiliate network with over 11 years of experience on the market of Push Notifications and Native Ads, shares its opinion on why should any business consider using Push Notifications as one of their marketing tools.

What are the benefits of Push Notifications?

Easy and fast subscription.
All that is needed is to click the “Allow” button in the pop-up window on the website.

Direct contact.
Pushes allow you to speak to your clients directly. Personalization and flexible targeting make it, so your Notifications are relevant and wanted.

The inability to send spam.
Sending Push is possible only after subscribers’ permission. At the time of subscription, an encrypted code is assigned to it. Therefore, it is technically impossible to copy such a database or send a Push to a user who did not subscribe.

Low price.
View rate is higher than emails, and the price is lower than SMS. You also pay not for the amount of the text in the message, but for delivered Push Notifications to unique subscribers.

Easy management.
By choosing one of three simple ways to unsubscribe, users can set up a convenient time for delivering Push Notifications or unsubscribe from them altogether.

Let’s see how Push Notifications can improve any business’ KPIs:
  • The average View Rate is 80%.
  • Increase traffic by 150%.
  • Increase Conversion Rate by 20-50%.
  • The average amount of time during which users see Push Notifications - 6 hours and 40 minutes.
  • Subscribers spend 72% more time on the website.
Evadav percentage of involvement in different business areas:


Here are some scenarios which are well-suited for Push Notifications to use in:

As a trigger mailings.
You can notify your customers about the status of their order, the availability of goods they browsed, or their abandoned cart. View Rate of such Push Notifications will be around 90%, and you can also adjust the delivery time by minutes.

For mass ads.
What could be better than a sale, which 90% of all your subscribers know about?

Music websites.
Announce new album releases to your subscribers. Tell them when a band they listen to has released something new.

Make sure that your subscribers know when there’s a special offer on flight tickets, hotels, car rental services, etc.

Weather forecasts, betting rates, news.
Pushes are ideal for delivering urgent messages. You can report changes in exchange rates, results of sports matches, news, and send important alerts from services.

Trainings, webinars, blogs, and presentations.
36% of Chrome users subscribe to this kind of Push Notifications. You can announce an upcoming event, a training program, or a webinar in advance. This will arouse the interest of subscribers, and they will gladly attend your event.

Software companies.
How do you get your customers to buy the full version of your app? If your users go to the tariffs page but only choose the trial version, send them a Push Notification with an offer of discount: “We offer you a 25% discount on [name of the tariff] within the next two hours. Time is limited!”

Also, motivate the user to finish using the trial period and start paying. Send a Push Notification like this one: “Do you want to access all functions? Upgrade and get 1 month free!”

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