Adult traffic – this is the wholesome marketing term for one of the biggest sources of online traffic today. Where does this traffic actually come from? Porn sites. Some sex stories (or erotica) sites as well. According to Pornhub, their website received 33.5 billion visits in 2018 alone. And that's just one porn site! How much more if we put together all the top-rated ones? That's an exciting amount of views.

Because of this trend, you can rely on having a continuous and stable source of traffic. Even with tough competition, you are sure to get some piece of that action! But for the same reasons, if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re budget can burn up pretty fast. So first things first, you need to know what to promote with adult ads.


What to Promote with Adult Traffic

Here are the offers you can promote with adult ads, provided that the offer accepts adult traffic (including, of course, sex-related offers).

Adult dating sites/apps and webcam sites/apps - this is one of the obvious choices. Those watching porn sometimes feel like it's better to do it with a partner, so ads for hook-up sites and apps get a lot of response.

Mainstream dating sites and apps - many porn watchers are actually looking for long-term relationships and life partners. Women are not the only ones looking for these. Although if you are targeting women, you'd be happy to learn that 25% to 40% of porn site visits are women, depending largely on the country they live in. Men are not the only ones enjoying such sites.

Gambling offers - sometimes, porn watching can become an addiction, in as much as gambling can be as well. Many creative affiliates use the angle "the more money you have, the more women you'll attract", to encourage porn watchers to sign up and gamble their money away.

Male enhancement offers - men can get jealous of what they watch (let’s face it, most male porn stars are well-endowed), so they are easily interested in ads that display how to improve their member.

Performance enhancement and sex drive offers - a person’s sexual prowess usually gets questioned when watching porn, whether male or female. If watching porn is not enough to stimulate the watcher or make him/her perform longer, sex drive supplements can be used.

Final Thoughts on Adult Traffic

Whichever vertical you try to promote, you need to make sure you are tracking properly. With a lot of volume and sites bringing traffic to your offer, you need to know which publisher is actually sending you traffic that converts.

Although targeting Tier 1 traffic can be enticing since payouts are higher, it would be best to try running Tier 2 and Tier 3 offers first. The competition is less stiff and the CPCs or CPMs are lower. The downside, of course, is that you would be targeting countries that speak in different languages. Make sure you hire the right translators for the job. You can look into One Hour Translations or Fiverr for such jobs.

If you want to increase your chances of earning from adult affiliate marketing, sign up with Adult Spy Tools. This way, you won’t be feeling in the dark for creatives and landing pages. Who knows? Adult traffic might just help you reach the climax of your affiliate marketing journey.