SpyOver specializes in collecting and analyzing native advertising campaigns and landing pages (which you can even download). They have ads and landing pages from 115 countries and from the biggest 15 native traffic sources (Taboola, MGID, AdNow, etc).

If you want to find winning campaigns other affiliate marketers are using or just research ads and offers, check out SpyOver.

Spying on Native Ads

You can search native ads by keywords, branding text, publishers, landing page text, also by outgoing links and redirects.


Some other awesome SpyOver features include:
  • Sorting by newest, days alive, by popularity and by trend.
  • You can set up filters by 9 parameters: timeframe, numbers of show for days, networks, geo, devices, browsers, affiliate networks and type of tracker.
  • Option: Ad translation into English. For example, if you analyze advertising launched in Thailand, you can easy understand what is about with quick English text translation.
  • To find ads, which launched in specific sites.
  • To choose the most popular ads and look at real trend.
  • To find convertible landing page and all ads, which launching for this landing.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis using detailed statistics data in the ad card.
  • To get info from where to where traffic moves.
For every ad, SpyOver has an ad card with detailed statistics. Here you can find out how effective the ad is performing. View reports are presented in the form of tables and graphs. You can analyze the data by days of life, devices, and by placement sites. It is easy to find out the popularity by hours, days, weeks and an indicator of trends according to GEO.

In the block with redirects, you can grab a winning combination of your competitors.


You can also get a ton of interesting data on where the ad or advertiser is currently running ads including the top 10 sites where ads of a specific advertiser are shown.

Did you find an original creative or a long-running bundle? You can determine what else is getting traffic for your competitor.


How can SpyOver help you?
  1. Ability to find winning combination: creative - transit page - landing page;
  2. Analysis competitors of your niche and to know exactly what and where launched (for whats offers, affiliate networks, sites);
  3. Ready-made decision for target audience: determine exactly source of traffic, geo, publishers etc.
  4. Explore current native advertising trends and analyze the best campaigns and ads that get a lot of traffic;
  5. Track new niches and collect data for your own effective campaign or improve an existing advertising campaign;
  6. Conduct constantly monitoring of the market and find popular topics for specific geo;
  7. Understand what promo materials lead to success;
  8. Create a profitable campaigns and make more money;
  9. Download ads and landing pages in one click;
  10. Special tool - Site loader. You need to point out URL of interesting landing for you of site and download zip with html page, styles and js scripts.
SpyOver Price
Professional - $149 (allows two simultaneous connections)
Corporate - $299 (allows 6 simultaneous connections)

If you are interested in trying out SpyOver, they also have a free trial.

SpyOver is a good choice for those who want find all secrets in native advertising, create profitable advertising campaign, and start earning!

Want more information about SpyOver?
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