One of the most popular affiliate networks today, PeerFly has been consistently included at mThink Bluebook’s top list of affiliate networks for the past several years. But does this make them an awesome network for affiliates, or an awful one? Let’s find out.

PeerFly: A Brief Background

PeerFly is a CPA network that has been around since 2009. In this industry, ten years is enough to warrant you a “senior” status. The network currently has more than 75,000 active affiliates coming from 165 countries. As per their website, PeerFly has 2,444 offers for affiliates to promote and earn from.


The Application Process
Applying for an account in PeerFly can be tough for beginners, but easier for pros. Aside from verifying your email and submitting an ID, you will also receive a call from one of the affiliate managers. In this call, you have to provide detailed information on how you plan to promote the offers.

If it is your first time, it would be best to arm yourself with information on your planned marketing techniques. Know what type of traffic you plan to use and how you can track this traffic. If you have your own website where you’ll be promoting offers, share this with them as well. Be open and honest about your experiences; they would immediately know if you are just pulling their leg. The status of your application will be based on the results of this call, so be prepared.

Once you get approved, you will immediately have access to the dashboard. It is pretty intuitive and easy to navigate, which means there is hardly any learning curve in using their platform, which is a plus. If you don’t get approved, this means you would have to gain more experience in promoting offers elsewhere. You can reapply once you can prove that you properly promote offers in the network.

Types of Offers and Allowed Promotion Types

Most offers are on a Cost-Per-Action model, which means the user will have to perform a certain action to warrant a conversion. This action can include submitting an email, zip code, name, number, credit card information or more. There are also some offers that are commission-based.

Now, not all CPA offers are available for everyone. Many are actually locked and you would need to apply to promote the offer. Depending on your answer to the application, you will either get approved or not. Many of these locked offers usually have the highest EPCs; this can be due to the fact that only a limited and select number of affiliates are allowed to promote them, and that these affiliates may have access to high quality traffic.


Some people are having issues with PeerFly’s offer restrictions. Many offers have numerous restrictions that confuse many affiliates. The solution to this, though, is to familiarize yourself with the concepts. PeerFly has published a detailed blog posts explaining the different types of traffic. The reason why PeerFly has offer restrictions is because the advertisers themselves found such traffic sources to be junk traffic for them.

Support and Training

PeerFly’s training system is excellent, especially because of Luke Kling, the Director of Marketing. Aside from his blog,, where you can learn a lot about affiliate marketing, he also owns this forum, affLIFT, where people can get in touch with other affiliate marketers and industry leaders. Luke is very active in both platforms and he is genuinely concerned about helping marketers succeed, which is a great thing.

So if you are just a beginner eager to try affiliate marketing but don’t know where to start, PeerFly’s training and support can definitely help you out. Even pro affiliates can learn a thing or two with the case studies Luke provides.

As for PeerFly’s support, you can no doubt contact your affiliate manager for any personal requests, and to ask which offers are performing best for the type of offer that you have. They usually reply within one to two days.

Compared to other networks, you can really feel that the network is reaching out to you as a person, instead of just an affiliate number. They don’t only ask what kind of traffic you provide or how long you have been in the industry; they also ask about what you believe PeerFly can help you with when it comes to promoting offers and reaching your goals. This is part of what makes them awesome.

All About Payouts

Offer payout is one of the biggest factors affiliates look into when promoting an offer. Is the payout enough for me to breakeven? Is the payout for one offer in PeerFly higher than that of other networks that have the same offer? In this aspect, we can confidently say that PeerFly’s offers have either the same or higher payouts than other networks. This can be due to the fact that PeerFly has a smaller team, which means a bulk of the earnings go to affiliates.

Now let’s say you have earned enough to get paid, how long do you have to wait? PeerFly has the following payout schedules:
  • Net 30
  • Net 15
  • Net 7
  • Weekly Net 15
  • Weekly
Since cash flow is very important for affiliate marketers, especially those who are just starting out, receiving your payouts regularly and quickly is important. PeerFly knows this, which is why aside from offering the standard payments above, they also offer immediate payouts, using their Cash Flow program, for a fee.

The interest fee for immediate payments range from five to twenty five percent, with the actual percentage depending on how much you plan to withdraw and when you want the money to appear in your account. For processing times, you have a choice of either one business day, three business days or seven business days.

You can receive payments via the following:
  • Wire Transfer
  • ACH (available for US residents only)
  • Check
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Amazon gift card
  • Bitcoin
We’ve never had any issues receiving the payments. They were always the right amount and paid on time.

All in all, it is safe to say that PeerFly is an awesome network. This doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically be profitable with them, though. Like with any affiliate network, you have to learn the ropes, test campaigns and you’ll eventually find an offer that you can profit from.

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