If you have remnant traffic that you want to monetize, or if you have web traffic that does not revolve around a specific demographic, then it would make sense to work with networks that offer smart ad delivery.

Smart ads display a different offer based on the demographics of the viewer, which increases your chances of converting. Such is the power of ad networks like Adlane.


Adlane Smart Ad Network for Publishers​

There are many benefits to using Adlane to monetize your traffic, but here are a few that stand out 😃

Multiple Ad Formats​

Adlane can display ads in various ad formats, which are:
  • Pop-under - these are ads that open up in a separate browser window. It does not interrupt user activity, and will only be seen once the user closes his current window.
  • Video Ad - this is a popular ad type that captures users’ attention due to the movement in the video. The sound is usually disabled so as to not cause disruption to user activity.
  • Display or Banner Ads - these are the usual ads seen in various locations on a page. It can show up as a banner or a native recommendation.
  • Browser Push Ads - these are push notification ads that show up only if the user agrees to receive push notifications on his device. Because of this pre-qualifying step, push ads traffic is guaranteed to be 100% human.
  • In-Page Push Ad - although this looks like the regular push notifications, an in-page push ad is actually a variation of display ads, imitating the look of browser push notifications.


High Earning Potential​

Adlane accepts traffic from anywhere in the world, which means all of your human traffic has the potential to drive earnings. None of your impressions will be wasted as this network has offers for virtually any country and whatever niche.

Aside from your own traffic, you also have the opportunity to earn from affiliates you refer to the network.

Get Started Quickly​

Signing up to Adlane is pretty easy. Once you register, you are automatically given full access to the publisher dashboard. From there, just follow these steps to get started:
  1. Add Sites and Verify. All sites need to undergo verification before they are accepted. Verifying can be done by adding either a text file to the root folder of your website, a meta tag to the head section, or a DNS TXT record.
  1. Add Ad Spots on Verified Sites. Once your website is verified, you can configure how you want ads to show up.
  1. Copy Ad Code and Paste to Website. This code will pull up the right offers the moment impressions register.
Once all these steps have been completed, you can expect ads to show up on your site.

AdSense Compatible​

Adlane’s ads can be run simultaneously with other ad networks, even Adsense. We all know how strict Adsense is with running ads side by side with other networks, so being Adsense compatible means the ads and ad formats of Adlane are perfectly safe.

Get Paid by Adlane​

For a minimum of $100 earned, you can withdraw your money. Adlane supports the sending of payments via bank transfer, Qiwi, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Capitalist, and Skrill. Payments are processed once a week.

Click here to give Adlane a try 👍
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