What to do if performance drops because of high competition on popular sources? The best way is to find alternatives among new ones.

Users are overloaded with advertising, so it’s very important to show them only relevant content to catch their interest. We recommend paying attention to a lastclick - an ad format that is becoming increasingly popular on the TrafficHunt platform.

How does it work?

The user comes from the members' area or social sources and goes through the pre-land. At the last stage, the most interested users remain, who finally get to the advertiser’s offer. This last step, which brings the best leads, is called the lastclick.

The conversion rate of registration from lastclick traffic is about 2 times higher in comparison with other redirect formats. This traffic type is relatively expensive, but its cost is fully justified because affiliates get higher profit.

The TrafficHunt team has created a platform update - the Smart CPM option whose purpose is optimizing lastclick purchase costs. This update is based on real traffic payback and is called a dynamic bid

Let's move on to setting:​

Go to Regular Campaign using the Direct Link format. Smart CPM will be connected automatically, our team has done it for you.


A small test report so that you can visually verify the effectiveness of this feature and the prospects of the source.
Standard CPM purchase. Held from 08 to 14 March.


We connect and test Smart CPM. We analyze the received data from 15 to 27 March.


A little advice. To create a high-quality funnel, you need to use a short pre-lander - preferably a one-page, maximum 3-step. You can also refuse to use the pre-lander, since the user has already passed this stage and is ready to register.

Pre-landers we used:


Let's summarize:
Period - 08-27.03
Cost - $3162.64
Revenue - $5151.64
Profit - 1989.00$
Geo: DE
Devices: mobile
Offers: Affilli

We see that Smart CPM optimizes the advertiser's costs and allows you to achieve even higher ROI. You can hardly meet such results on standard media buy activity, without approving accounts and selecting teasers!

Rather, feel all the delights of using Lastclick from TrafficHunt on your traffic!