To most affiliate marketers, the endless doubts about copying creatives or mastering new ones is a persistent issue. Many wonder why one would spend time making something new when there are already pre-made bundles that are effective enough. Today, we will analyze why it is important to create unique creatives and how to do it.

Each advertiser has two options. The first one is the easiest, which is to use to a spy tool and see which creatives work well for your type of product. The second one is more complex - create one yourself. This method may require more time and effort, but will result in more desirable results.

Let's look at these two options using an airline ticket search service as an example.

Option 1: Use a Spy Tool

The fastest and easiest option: using the spy-service. There are enough services on the market that work in a variety of niches. Here’s what you can get by asking “buy tickets” in one of these services:


Almost immediately, you get an advertisement that is ready to be used. The only step left is to launch an advertising campaign.

Spy-tools help save time and provide a huge database of pre-made solutions for a relatively low cost. However, the main drawback is that most templates require adjustment and often these creatives lack uniqueness, which results in a cold audience and fewer clicks. In addition to this, you’ll need some time to master a new service.

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Option 2: Create Custom Creatives Yourself

The 2nd option is to decide to make up creatives by yourself. You should keep in mind that the correct concept of an ad unit significantly affects the outcome of your advertising campaign. At first, we suggest studying the specifics of your product or service and then designing your buyer persona. People buy tickets for different reasons: business trips, travel trips or family vacations. Depending on this, you can target managers and businessmen based off specific reasons such as: fatigue from working in the office, students or graduates want to have fun with the company, or parents who dream to relax without children or “lonely hearts”. All of them are driven by the desire for a change of scenery.

An image is the first element with which you can attract a user. A picture can say more than a thousand words and communicate the main advantages of your product. Take a look at the examples below. They all are of good quality and evoking emotions.




Unique images influence memorability. They help to understand the essence of the service and can become an impulse-buying driver. Finding great images for native ads is important so make sure you do your research!

But, what image sells without text? Text fills in the rest of the meaning in an advertisement, but just like it’s accompanying picture, the text should be unique and transmit the advantage of the product or service well. It is a direct answer to the question of why your product is needed. Therefore, considering travelers, we can try these ideas:




Bright, unique images and correctly selected text immediately make it clear what service you offer and will influence users to take further action; for instance, they will go to the website and make a purchase.

Now, let’s consider some best-practices. You can come up with any number of bright and provocative headlines, but if the picture is gray, it will be lost and remain invisible.

We suggest choosing unique thematic images, use photo editors, add effects, emojis, and even masks with Instagrams to help you compete in the market;



The headline is the second essential element of the ad unit. Your task is to make it intriguing and inspiring to click on. You can:
  • Point out the pain that unites your target audience. For example: “Looking for where to go on vacation? 10 most beautiful places in Europe where you are waiting”;
  • Promise an advantage or describe the benefit: “Buy one ticket and get a second with a 50% discount”;
  • Use interrogative words such as “how”, “what”, “why”, “where”. For example: “How to go on vacation and not spend all your money?”, “What you need to know about buying airline tickets” or “Where and how to relax inexpensively in Italy”.
Here is an example:


And here are a few more tips:
  • Do not be afraid to experiment and create completely different ad units. The bottom line is to constantly test your units. Uniqueness is one of the important requirements in advertising.
  • Use a sense of urgency to your service or product. It can make a person act instantly, without thinking about how much he needs such a service at the moment. This can be any call to action or information about the last days of the sale. For example: “Only 2 days left” or setting up a counter.
  • Remember about personalization. People are interested in messages like: “Only for residents of the X city” or “A special offer for young mothers”.
  • If you want to place text on the image, then you need to use a substrate to make the text more visible. A color scheme it is worth experimenting with.
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