Native advertising is showing no signs of slowing down. Although it has no doubt started more than a decade ago, the past couple of years have seen the biggest in ad spends for native ads. As predicted, US-based advertisers will spend around $44 billion on Native Ads, which is almost $9 billion more than they spent last year using the same ad format.

Even if hundreds (or maybe thousands) of marketers are already going native, it’s never too late for newbies to jump on the bandwagon. Who knows? You might also see your campaigns turn green by using this ad format.


Social media ads and some video ads are also considered to be native advertisements, but for this article, we will focus on native display ads on websites. Whether you are promoting content on your website or direct-linking to affiliate offers, it is always best to look at how other marketers use native advertising to get traffic. Here are some samples that can help you get started:

Use a Shocking Image

You might have seen this tactic as it has been used over and over. Using a powerful image allows you to get clicks easily. A shocking and cryptic image will surely entice your audience to click to learn more about the image.


A shocking image doesn’t have to look out of this world, or even disgusting, to catch attention. It can also be something that would seem unbelievable at first, such as this ad about Celine Dion’s weight loss.


Use a Mysterious Message

If the image isn’t shocking, the message should be intriguing. Since Native Ads use a limited amount of space, you have to capture your audience’s attention in just a few words. Most native ad traffic providers have a limit of 25 characters in the title, and 90 to 140 characters in the ad description.

Humans are naturally curious beings. To make your ad mysterious enough, it should push your audience to ask themselves a question of “what”, “how”, “why”, “when” or “where”. And since they cannot find the answer in the very little information that you were able to provide, they will click on the ad to learn more.



Provide a Simple Solution to a Typical Problem

Everybody has something that bothers them every single day. It may be something too irrelevant in the eyes of many, or too embarrassing to consult a professional about, so people usually settle on finding ways to solve their problems online. Hence, saying something like you have a “simple solution” to their issues would make them click on your ad.




These native ads samples and tactics are the ones proven to attract the audience and encourage them to click on the ad. Whatever technique you decide to use, make sure your landing page follows through with the promise. It is always important to provide good user experience in order for your ad to succeed, whether your goal is branding, getting a lead, or pushing a purchase.

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