All the players in online advertising are looking for the best compromise between the 3 stakeholders who make it up: advertisers, Internet users and website publishers.

Being a publisher means keeping up with the latest tendencies of digital advertising. And when it comes to monetizing, every publisher deals with a number of difficulties including preserving the quality of the content of their website/blog, Ad Blockers, GDPR, etc.


Web push notification: non-intrusive monetization lever for publishers

Web Notifications are an innovative communication format for brands. This ad format allows advertisers to communicate directly on the user's device. Indeed, this technology is managed by the browser that displays a message directly on the user's screen. Thus, the user only needs an internet connection and does not need to browse the web to be notified! By activating Web Push Notifications on your publisher site, you offer advertisers an innovative acquisition lever.

Web push Notifications offer a much higher click through (5% on average) rate than most of the other ad formats. Another important point is that web push notification does not spoil the user's experience when browsing your website. Indeed, being sent by the browser, it is directly displayed on the screen of your audience and is not correlated to the navigation of it. And a great advantage is that Web Push Notification overrides ad blockers! By the help of this solution, you have the possibility to reach 100% of your subscribed audience, even those who use an advertising blockers.

Adrenalead - your partner in generating additional revenue by Web Push Notifications

Adrenalead is the first and only Web Push Notification player to monetize its audience in programmatic advertising! Working with multiple advertising partners based on an automated buying model and via a real-time bidding system, you benefit from numerous quality advertiser deals and optimized revenues.

In order to enjoy a greater diversity of targeted brand advertisements to relay to your web push subscribers, the procedure is very simple . Just activate programmatic monetization with us!