Nowadays, there are almost infinite sources that can be used to attract leads to your offers. That’s why it’s crucial to choose your traffic sources carefully - you don’t want bots or people outside your target audience.

Each vertical has its own rules. In CAMS, for example, it’s naturally prohibited to use child content; you should use creatives that would be appropriate and interesting for targeted users. In Adult Dating vertical, you should also consider federal laws (not using minors for your content, or promotions). Targeting is really important to consider - if you make a wrong move, your traffic will not perform as effectively, as it could.

Trafee will help you choose the traffic sources that you need to use, and which sources you should bypass.

ROI vs. Reality

You probably came across the “perfect” content, where there is no room for mistakes - you just do a simple task, and wait for your money to come to you. ‘Just launch the advertisement, launch the campaign, and wait for delicious margins of ROI — 100%, 200%, even 300%.’ This promise seems intriguing, and the majority of website use it to attract their users. Unfortunately, the reality is far from perfect. For a lot of sources, 50% ROI seems like a dream come true.

Let’s talk about ‘Dead sources’ conversions

Though there may be a lot of reasons why “dead” sources are not converting as successfully as we’d want them to, there are a few basic origins:
  • Banner blindness. Simply put, a one-size-fits-all advertisement that bores the audience to death, meaning they have no initiative to interact with it.
  • Strict moderation. It’s taking a lot of your time, which could be used for your other projects. The majority of time is spent on getting approved by the moderator than the actual advertising itself.
  • High competition. You have to face many challenges in order to obtain the leads. Competitors may have been working for a long time with a particular source, followed the trends, and are already very familiar with mechanisms to achieve the commission; so it would be very hard for you to gain the users’ trust and interest.
  • The development of ad-blocking services. They can be in the browser, third-party software, applications, and plugins. Unfortunately, it will do you, as an affiliate, more harm, than good.

Trafee reveals the dead sources!

No matter the reason, with the time passing, several traffic sources became “dead” ones (or have been there from the beginning).

Some of these include:
  • The classic ‘push’ ads
  • Resources poorly tuned for advertising and sales on the Internet -Twitter, Quora, or Pinterest. They have both paid and free traffic. But in some cases, they squeeze out a good profit.
This year, affiliate marketing is evolving rapidly. New challenges and opportunities lie ahead for marketing professionals. The industry is well known for adapting quickly - traffic never sleeps. Affiliates should adapt and grow with the industry, so they can earn well even in times of difficulty and Trafee will provide them with all the tools to do so.
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