Increasing traffic can be a hassle, but with you’ll find that it doesn’t need to be such a headache. Instead, you can utilize the service’s various tools and innovative strategies to reach a broader audience than ever before and increase your traffic volume from all types of sources.


ClickAdilla’s Major Features

ClickAdilla differs from other traffic acquisition services in that it doesn’t shy away from adult landings or sites. In fact, they’re partnered with Tube Corporate and make use of the exclusive traffic that can come from Corporate’s major sites and holdings.

ClickAdilla handles landings exclusively for Adult categories of content. They can bring your site direct traffic, rather than reselling traffic that has already been redirected. Because of their exclusive focus, they allow for Adult landings; this distinguishes the service from many others since affiliate sites and can be a great fit if you’re seeking to capture traffic from those sections of the web.

Since most traffic services don't touch Adult sites, this is a relatively untapped source of traffic that you can take advantage of right away. There's a wealth of new users just waiting to be directed to your site from Adult landings and the sites of Tube Corporate: ClickAdilla can help you reach this traffic. The categories of Adult content that ClickAdilla can reach are current with many modern tastes and sexual or Adult desires.

In addition, ClickAdilla will also allow Adult landings with their Push ads. These are seen as highly-effective in increasing traffic volume since they combine the flashiness and sudden interest generated by Push ads with the inherent interest that comes from Adult landings and locations. Most sites don't allow these kinds of Push ads, but ClickAdilla does.

They allow clients to see site referrers for their traffic; this aspect will allow anyone to better understand where their traffic is coming from and how best to tune their site’s content and appearance.

To improve user understanding, ClickAdilla offers access to its whitelist of sources. With this resource, you’ll be able to see the best ways to gain excellent traffic for your site, which you can then use to come up with a marketing strategy and traffic push using ClickAdilla’s wide swath of advertising options. As a service, ClickAdilla is aiming to be a one-stop shop for any site’s traffic-building needs.

None of ClickAdilla’s traffic is resold or redirected. Everything you get is directly from the source, which is good for your site's overall health. Studies show that the more redirects someone has to endure to get to your site, the less their chance of retention and of returning for a repeat visit. By minimizing this effect, ClickAdilla can provide you with quality traffic increases along with quantity. It’s the best of both worlds.

The digital market is growing and Push ads are becoming more and more important. ClickAdilla allows you to gain traffic from virtually any source, even Adult landings, and utilize the power of Push advertising to improve your site’s importance and revenue.

ClickAdilla’s Advertising Formats
ClickAdilla is ready to work with you using a variety of different advertising formats. They do this so that they can tailor their efforts for your business and consumer base. Certain ads will work for certain situations or sites while others will be more effective based on the type of user you’re trying to attract.


This is a great way to improve your traffic volume for your site. If it occurs for a desktop user, they’ll receive a pop-under ad right when they start their visit; this will improve user attention retention and grab their eyes right away. If it’s a mobile user, they’ll find the ad at the top of their screen in much the same manner as the desktop version.

This can even be altered to make the ad appear once the main browser has vanished, placing the user’s attention toward your site as they’re leaving. It’s a well-known facet of advertising and human memory that things are best remembered at the beginning or end of something, and we make use of that psychology here.
PopUnder ads from ClickAdilla can operate with volumes of 7,000,000.


They're common but useful, and with the right design, they can really pop on anyone's screen! ClickAdilla offers a wide selection of banner ads which can be selected from based on how well they gel with your platform or site. Because these are relatively unintrusive, they can be less drastically-effective than other types of ads but are still a great way of passively increasing traffic or promoting your business.

In addition, banner ads can remain highly-targeted by being present throughout the stay of a user. Since they can’t be clicked out of or dismissed, they have a high chance of remaining in a user’s mind over time even once they leave the site, because they are exposed to the ad for more time than they might be if they could simply exit it.

ClickAdilla’s Banner ads can operate with volumes up to 330,000,000.


Video Pre-Rolls

These are relatively new, along with Push ads. This ad plays before the content the user has selected. Pre-rolls have the added advantage of being guaranteed the user’s attention right at the start of their ad. While making a compelling ad is an art in and of itself, ClickAdilla can offer you some of the best pre-roll ads you can find.
Since video content is a niche that’s only going to grow, particularly as platforms like YouTube continue to dominate, pre-roll ads will become more important than ever. They’re a good way to increase your overall traffic volume and will only become more effective as time goes on.

⏲️ In the settings you can select the required skip time - among 5, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds.

A variant of the pre-roll ad is one that plays in the middle of video content, but this strategy has mixed results. This is because it has a chance to irritate the user and drive them away from your site once they realize that their content has been interrupted. By contrast, pre-roll ads don’t have this downside and are almost always watched or seen in their entirety as the user is focused on getting to their chosen content.
ClickAdilla pre-roll ads can contain user volumes over 4,000,000 views daily.

Nowadays, you don't have to be an experienced video producer to make a stunning video. Video production has become available to anyone with a computer and a smartphone. It’s more cost-effective than ever. You can create cool video ads in minutes using Motion banner. This is a video maker, that allows to create videos right in your ad account.

Web Push

Perhaps the most innovative method of generating traffic and increased revenue is from Push advertising. These ads will instantly pop up on a user’s mobile or desktop screen, grabbing their attention and directing them to your site.

These are fantastic since they don’t require a user to be actively browsing a site or using an existing app for them to appear. They’re organic, independent, and are sure to bring increased traffic volume in spades.

Most traffic-boost services don’t allow Adult landings with their Push ads, but ClickAdilla does. This will allow you to generate additional traffic than a standard Push ad.
Push ads can be tailored for desktop or mobile users and can be attached to many types of sites or services. They can also be modified to be more effective depending on the type of user you are trying to attract.

ClickAdilla Push ads can offer a total volume of more than 70,000,000 followers for this type.

In Page push

In-Page push ad format looks like a push message that is shown on a website while users are on the page. In-page ads are designed to be fixed to a specific area of the screen while the user scrolls through the content. Format has targeting to all OS (including iOS).

In-Page Push is a versatile ad format. Dating, E-commerce, Sweepstakes, Gambling, Mobile utilities and many others niches are well performed with push ads. However, to make the most of your ad spend, you have to create really persuasive ad creatives. Check out this guide that contains best practices to make your ad more engaging.

Native Ads

Native ads are a great way to promote your site or business without being obtrusive or annoying. Since people are developing ad blindness at increasing rates and are ignoring any ads that they can immediately detect, subtler forms of increasing your traffic volume are needed.

Native ads blend with a host site and are actually clicked at very high rates since users consume them along with the content they chose, being led effectively to your site without even knowing it. This can improve your traffic volume seamlessly and without engendering any ill will in the process.

Native ads are often trickier to intelligently produce and utilize since it requires a deeper understanding of the user’s mentality and their general goal.


ClickAdilla can use Tab ads which are small and subtle advertisements that don’t cause irritation or frustration on the part of the user. They can allow for focused but low-cost advertising to generate traffic over time. This kind of traffic is extremely effective and boasts a high Alexa Rank of 148.

ClickAdilla offers Navigation Bar links for various Adult tubes and landings. These aren’t purchasable on the ClickAdilla website, however; you’ll need to contact a manager to implement these.

Gallery ads

Gallery is a video preview that is located among the main content of the site and indistinguishable from it. After clicking the ad, users redirects to the promoted tube. Gallery ad format is designed for owners of adult websites. This is the best way to promote your paid site or free adult tube. You can buy adult traffic with Gallery only on Cost per Click model. Minimum CPC starts at $0.003

ClickAdilla’s Funding Methods

ClickAdilla has several different funding methods for you to make use of. The minimum deposit amount is $50.
  • Paxum
  • Bitcoin
  • Wire Transfer
  • Credit Card
  • Webmoney
  • Capitalist
  • QIWI
  • Perfect Money
  • Robokassa
  • Coinbase

ClickAdilla’s Targeting

When it comes to targeting specific traffic clusters or improving your user volume in specific locales or niches, ClickAdilla can assist. There are several methods by which you can tailor your incoming traffic.


Geo-Based targeting focuses on geographic details, such as country, state or region ad city. This isn’t as specific as some other methods and you can get a good variety of users to visit your site from various backgrounds and ethnicities depending on the country. However, you can narrow this geographic range to become more specific depending on your goal and needs.


A niche targeting method is to push for traffic based on operating system. This can help you target specific age groups, as many young people love Apple computers. In addition, you can target certain phone types for Push ads based on operating system.



Browser-based targeting can let you focus on generating traffic from specific browser users. This can be effective if your site or business relies on certain extensions or code-based details that rely on particular browsers being used.


You can tailor your traffic volume generation by carrier type or by Wi-Fi usage. This may assist you depending on where you want/analyze where most of your traffic comes from. This can be effective since different carriers have different effective zones and ranges across the world and the United States.

IP Range

This is a bit more specific than a lot of other methods, but it demonstrates the detail and complexity ClickAdilla can handle when it comes to improving your overall traffic volume. This can let you target specific populations or local groups since IP addresses are often location-based.


ClickAdilla can help bring you direct traffic based on the category of searches or clicks from exclusive categories of Adult content. Many traffic organizations don't deal with Adult landings or traffic from Adult categories, but ClickAdilla can help you with these groups, which often tend to bring repeated or consistent traffic. Current or modern tastes from browsers searching for Adult content are reflected in ClickAdilla’s category targeting.

Device Type/Vendors

Targeting can be adjusted to focus on the type of device (i.e. iPhone or Android phone, tablet, etc.) or the device vendor. This can assist with generating traffic from specific or detailed ad campaigns that make reference to certain devices or which otherwise need to work on certain operating systems or pieces with specific hardware.


ClickAdilla can generate traffic by filtering for language, as well. This can be particularly effective if you’re targeting a language group that’s a minority language in a particular country or geographical region, as there tends to be less local competition due to the overwhelming nature of the majority language.

Language-based targeting is also effective because it will be paid more attention to by speakers of that language who aren’t used to be being advertised to in their native tongue.

Frequency capping

This feature allows you to adjust the number of times a unique user will be shown your ad within a set period of time. In other words, this setting allows you to reach more unique users within the allocated budget.

A properly configured advertising campaign is half the battle. You can find valuable ads tips in their blog and get inspired by these case studies:

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Referral Program

ClickAdilla offers a referral program as an extra incentive to direct your fellow entrepreneurs and website-owners to their service. If any of your referrers ends up purchasing an ad or traffic plan, you’ll end up receiving 5% of the fees. This can then be funded back into your business and everyone will have a benefit.

Conclusion is an exceptional traffic-boosting service that doesn’t let anything hold it back from improving your site’s overall traffic. Using their exclusive connections and the traffic that can come from untapped populations, you’ll find that you’re achieving a user volume at a higher rate than you could ever imagine. The focus on their push ads and allowing of Adult landings gives them exclusive access to traffic from those parts of the web; are you ready to take advantage of everything they can offer your site?