In affiliate marketing we can hear such ‘whispers’ like, “Oh! The conversion is
good!” or, otherwise, “The conversion is quite bad!” over and over again. And
this word — ‘conversion’ — is all about CR indicator in affiliate marketing.
Actually, CR means Conversion Rate. And it’s one the major performance
indicators for any webmaster. So let’s consider how this indicator can be

What is CR?​

Conversion in Internet marketing is the ratio of the number of resource users
who have performed the target action to the total number of visitors.
The target
action is, for example, purchasing a product, ordering a service, ordering a
callback, signing up, etc. A user who has performed the action you need on your
website is called a ‘lead’.

There are several ways to increase conversion, and we’re going to tell you about

Looking for a chain​

Chain is a so-called ‘affiliate grail’. You simply can’t direct traffic without it.
Chain consists of three major components — audience-creative-offer.

Audience means the target, i.e. GEO, gender, age, interests (and, if necessary,
and the ability to work with them). Creative implies a picture and text for the
ad. Offer means the product itself and its landing page (+laying/one-page
website/transition page — in case if you use indirect approach when throwing

It often happens that the first landing offer is quite good for an audience, but the
second one with the same creative intended for the same audience is bad.
Therefore, it makes sense to split different options, test all landing and
transition pages, as well as their different combinations. Surprisingly,
sometimes the most unexpected combinations can work out, and you just say,
“Oh, my God! I’ve never thought it would be that way!”

How can you increase CTR?​

It’s obvious that there can be no conversions without clicks. Therefore, the
more ‘clickable’ your ad is, the more likely it’s to obtain a ‘sweet’ lead.

Nowadays, there are tons of advertisements for ‘unfortunate’ users, so it’s very
easy to get lost among other advertisers. In the 21st century, a so-called ‘banner
blindness’ have developed among people. That’s a protective mechanism of our
psyche that allows us to literally avoid noticing ad pictures. And it prevents our
mind from receiving unnecessary information.

The task of a good affiliate marketer is to overcome such a barrier. To do this,
your creative must stand out bright from the background of others. Huge
corporations spend millions of dollars on marketing research just to understand
what color schemes to use and at what corners to locate a picture. And
everything of that is aimed to attracting the potential customers. Therefore, they
know how to make wonderful and memorable creatives.

Of course, affiliates don’t have such opportunities. That’s why they follow the
path of least resistance and chooses creatives that involve emotional triggers.

For advertising, this is a ‘F.S.L.’ principle — Fear, Sex and Laughter (in
accordance with our basic instincts).

When you look for a suitable picture, you should be guided by personal
feelings. So when you use Google/Yandex pics, select images that literally ‘pull
your eyes out’. There are such creatives that force you to ask yourself a question
like, “What is it all about?” They provoke you to click and see everything in
detail. And these creatives provide stable and high conversions.

Working with audiences​

Currently, the vast majority of affiliates throw traffic in ‘wide on wide’ mode. And
they say that Facebook can find the traffic itself. Such an approach is justified
when you work with a record low lead prices. However, over time, people in your
audience can leave you and go somewhere else. The result is an inevitable drop
in CR. So targeting skills are quite useful for any affiliate marketer.

Competent analytics will allow you to understand and see the placements and
devices that are the most useful ones in terms of coming audience. You can also
find information on the age and gender of people who buy your products. Using
this knowledge and creating ‘look-a-like’ audiences will give you the opportunity
to ‘hit the target’ and have more and more high-quality leads.

Let’s check ourselves!​

Everybody makes mistakes! Sometimes, you have a chain (for example, you get
it from a colleague), but the conversion is still at zero level! In such case, you
should check the integration with affiliate program , language and GEO
settings in the advertising campaign — often the ‘devil’ awaits you in


So, in order to increase CR in affiliate marketing, it’s necessary to:

✅ find the proper chain by testing different combinations of landing
pages and one-page websites (transition pages);

✅ increase CTR by choosing suitable creative materials that will affect the
audience in an emotional way;

✅ master targeting — at least at a basic level — and analyze your

✅ check the settings of your advertising campaign.

Let your conversions be at the highest level on a regular basis! That will allow
you to make more money! And if you need help, read this article one more time.