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  • Affiliate Marketing Guides
    Affiliate Marketing Guides

    Guides for everything affiliate marketing such as setting up a campaign on popular traffic sources and using tracking software to optimize your campaigns.

  • Case Studies
    Case Studies

    Decrease your learning curve with our help! We're publishing case studies from our successful campaigns to show you what we did to make them successful.

  • Affiliate Campaign Follow Alongs
    Follow Along Campaigns

    Our forum is filled with Follow Along campaigns that members post that provide feedback on both what they're doing wrong and what they're doing right.

  • Landing Page Examples
    Landing Page Examples

    Landing pages aren't always necessary, but we'll show you how to create and host your own and recommend great landing page generators you can use if you don't know how to code.

  • Tracking Help for Affiliates
    Tracking Help

    Learning how to use tracking software to properly track your campaigns and collect data that you can use to optimize is critical to taking your affiliate marketing to the next level.

  • Learn to do Campaign Optimization
    Campaign Optimization

    Once you start your campaign and you're collecting data from your affiliate offer traffic, it's important to learn how to optimize that traffic to get the best ROI possible.

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We know that affiliate marketing is not easy. It is much easier when you have a group of
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  • Every Traffic Method Covered

    We have a category within affLIFT for every single traffic method you could think of. You want to run it? We've got it covered. PPV, push notification traffic, search engine marketing, social media marketing, and more!

  • Official Traffic Source Support

    Not only do we cover every traffic method, but we also have representatives from most major traffic sources in the forum to help members.

    Including: ZeroPark, PropellerAds, RTXPlatform, MGID, MegaPush, TONIC, AdMaven, EZMob, and more!

  • Affiliate Tracking Tool Support

    Learning how to properly use and utilize a tracking tools is critical to the success of your affiliate marketing campaigns.

    We have representatives from all the major tracking tools in our community to provide direct support and guides to help you optimize your affiliate campaigns!

    Tracking tools supported: Voluum, PeerClick, BeMob, RedTrack, Kintura, AdsBridge, TrackingDesk, and more!

Over 30,000 Helpful Messages in the Forum!

Although affLIFT is still a pretty new affiliate marketing forum, the activity is growing every single day. We already
have over 26,000 registered users and 30,000+ messages in the forum. There are a lot of affiliate marketing
tips and tricks posted throughout the forum that you can learn from.

I highly recommend affLIFT forum no matter if you're a beginner or already making money. You will find a lot of useful information. Follow along campaigns are a really good way to learn and all members are friendly and helpful.

I'm just a beginner but I have a feeling that affLIFT will get me to next level!

Aliusolesko @Aliusolesko (Alius)

Becoming a Lifetime Member for the AffLift Community was a a no-brainer for me... the insight's and access we get from the #1 Affiliate Manager and Director of Marketing for one of the most trusted affiliate networks on the Internet is priceless. Thanks Luke for creating this amazing forum, the support, and the resources that will allow me to take my Affiliate Marketing skills to the next level and beyond!

Drew @Drew (Drew)

Every person who wants to become a successful affiliate marketer has a steep learning curve ahead. But there is no need to make costly mistakes if you can learn from marketing experts that have already been there...
Join affLIFT community and discover the power of hanging out with like-minded people. See you inside!

Akbal @Akbal (Cristian)

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A community to help give
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A community to give your affiliate marketing a LIFT